The Mrs. and I

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Good Riddance

   As you all have heard by now, Gordon Hayward has decided to leave the Utah Jazz. That is well within his right to do. He was a free agent and he felt like Boston was his best option. Fine. I beg to disagree. Aside from Brad Stevens as your former coach, what else does Boston have to offer that is more intriguing than what the Jazz have? Isaiah Thomas? A ball dominant point guard who doesn't pass the ball well and needs the ball in his hands to score? That is intriguing to you? You're never going to see the ball as much as you've had here and what you WOULD have with Ricky Rubio. Yeah, you'll make several All Star teams, mainly because there aren't a lot of strong small forwards in the east now, but you aren't getting a championship in Boston, at least not any time soon. As long as LeBron James is in the eastern conference, you are not getting past him to get to the Finals. You may go deeper in the playoffs, but you aren't getting to the Finals. And let's not forget this aspect, Boston has no defensive threat on their team and they do not rebound the ball well. How is that an intriguing factor if you're wanting to get to the Finals? Yes, the summer is young and they could potentially trade or sign a guy, but that guy won't be Rudy Gobert. While Rudy is limited offensively, you cannot deny that he is a game changer on defense. If your man gets by you, you know Rudy has your back and can at least alter a shot inside. Who does Boston have? The 30 year old Al Horford who doesn't block shots? Or Kelly Olynyk, who has a vertical leap of 6"? Or is it Amir Johnson, oh wait, he left. Other than Brad Stevens, Boston does not present anything, to me, that is a better basketball situation than what we have here in the Utah Jazz. You turned your back on this organization and everything they have done for you over your career. You entered as a virtual no name, questioned whether you could even play in this league, to now an All Star. And you choose to leave?  Not only did you leave, but you handled it SO poorly, I can't even begin to explain it. If you knew you had no plans of staying here, why go through the process? Why drag it out, why send all of the Jazz brass, have guys fly in from all parts of the world to talk with you, when you knew you weren't going to stay. And on top of that, by delaying your decision, the Jazz have missed out on any chance to make any run at a free agent because they're already signed elsewhere. AND you left the Jazz high and dry. At least with Paul George and Chris Paul, they told their team they didn't want to be there, so then their current team could at least get some value for them. Indiana didn't get a lot for Paul George, but it was SOMETHING. You left the Jazz high and dry. But peace out, Gordon. If you don't want to be here, then we don't want you. Expect to get booed louder than any previous Jazz player when you come to play here next season. I cannot wait for that game! I don't wish you good luck in Boston. You will not get past Cleveland so long as Lebron James is there. You will never be loved or have the legacy in Boston like you did have and would've had here in Utah. You could've had your jersey retired, had a street named after you, a statue out in front of the building, had anything you wanted in this state, yet you left. So much for loyalty, huh Hayward? Rant over. GO JAZZ!!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Three Years

   Oh hello there. It's been a while. Over four months, to be exact. Long overdue. This post will be primarily about the reference in the title (imagine that). If you know me or Maggie, you'll know that the reference is to our little boy, Camden. Three years ago, tomorrow, he was sent to us and our lives have been forever changed. No more just her and I, traveling whenever we want, going to a movie, sporting event or concert without thinking, it takes a lot more planning now but it is totally worth it. For those of you with kids, you know what I mean. And for those of you with friends who have kids, which should pretty much take care of all of you, you've witnessed this first hand, I'm sure. Sometimes we aren't able to find someone to watch our kids and have to reschedule or take a rain check, but we promise it isn't because we don't want to go. Life just happens and you do what you can. Anyway, tangent there. Back to focus. So right about this time three years ago, Maggie and I were getting the rest of our stuff packed and ready to head to the hospital in Ogden for the preparation and arrival of our baby boy. We knew he was a boy, kinda knew what he might look like with the 3D ultrasound pictures, but it's obviously nothing in comparison to what he really looks like in person. We were at the hospital for a little over 12 hours before he decided to make his arrival, it was kind of a long night of anticipation and nervousness, just not totally knowing what to expect, then compound the anxiety when our freaking doctor decided not to show up, but thanks to the nurses who stepped up and were able to deliver our baby Camden safely. He made quite the entrance but it's pretty fitting to how his personality is now, just full of life and ready to play at all times. Sometimes as parents it's hard to see the changes in your child from day to day, but boy when you look back from when they were tiny to now an almost three year old, you can DEFINITELY see the changes. From sleeping 20 hours a day to running all over and some days seeming like they're awake for 20 hours a day, it's quite a change but again, it's so worth it and so much fun. Camden is such a sweet boy, very smart, a little shy but he's like his Dad: give him a bit and he'll warm up to you. He knows all of his shapes, circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, trapezoid, hexagon, octagon, he knows his colors, his numbers, is starting to figure out how a clock works a little more, he absolutely loves his Pluto stuffed animal, it goes everywhere that we let him take it, his vocabulary is expanding more and more, sometimes we can't help but laugh at the things he says, even when he's being naughty. He is infatuated with Toy Story lately, Woody is his favorite and he just got the doll from his Nana and Papa yesterday and he adores it :) He is such a sweet boy, full of life and adventure, very inquisitive, asking questions all the time, he sees a mountain and believes it's a volcano, which is another one of his very favorite subjects (for Halloween, he was an astronaut and was convinced that he was going into outer space with Bill Nye). We joke that he'll grow up to either be a scientist, astronaut, electrician or someone who makes clocks, because those are things he talks about the most. He is such a good boy and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL to have him in our lives and to be his parents. My biggest goal in life was to be a father and I am so thankful and proud to be the father of Camden Porter, AKA Cam, Bubby, Bud, Buddy, Doodle, Mister, the Cam Man and Punkin.

   Things are going great otherwise, can't really complain. No one listens to you when you complain anyway, right? So not a lot to say here. We had a great celebration of Cam's birthday yesterday, we had a great turn out of friends and family, it was so great to have that many people come and support him on his (almost) birthday. I think he was overwhelmed with everything, combined with him getting to have a sleep over with two of his favorite people the night before, Jordan and Whitley (cousins), he was a pooped pup and was zonked on the couch by 6:30! He pretty well slept all night, too, so with all that and the time change, he slept for a good....14 hours or so. Ha it was well earned, though :) But yeah life has been great to us, work is going great for Maggie and I, just staying busy and plugging along. We have been to a few concerts since I last wrote, the most recent was the Goo Goo Dolls concert, which was awesome and SafetySuit opened for them and they were amazing, as usual. I have listened and enjoyed the Goo Goo Dolls since the mid-90's, so to finally be able to see them live was just awesome. They put on a great show and I'm glad we were all able to go! There are several pictures from it and from Camden's party on FB, so I won't add them on here. But anyway yeah, I can't think of anything else, just that life is great and we're happy living here in Cache Valley!

Monday, July 4, 2016


   So many things to say, where do I begin. I would like to say how grateful and thankful I am for the freedoms we enjoy, for being able to travel freely and do those things without restrictions, and I'm very thankful for those who have gone on before me to enable me to have the things I enjoy. Without them and their sacrifice, me and you would not be where we're at today. Some decisions we face may be to find a new job, relocate for that job, or choosing which team to play for, if you're fortunate enough to have that decision to make. The latter is where this blog leads me to and where most of the discussion will take place. For the few of you that are reading this, you know that sports are a huge part of my life. Without them, I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing with most of my spare time. Sports can give me great joy at times, but it can also put me in a bad mood at times. Now I know that I shouldn't get so involved in them, but I can't help it. Case in point with the news of the day today, as most of you saw the news regarding Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City to go to Golden State. Now before you go blasting me, I am fully aware and fully understand and totally get that he is well within his means to switch teams and play wherever he wants. He has earned that right. My beef with him is not that he switched teams, my beef with him is the team he chose to sign with. The Warriors are fresh off of not one, but two NBA Finals appearances and are only one year removed from winning the championship. Now, Durant says that he's going there to improve his game and to get out of his comfort zone by moving to a new city. Those are both well and fine, but it's pretty convenient that he chose the team with the accolades that I just mentioned. Is it not? He chooses the team with a guy who just won an MVP award, two in a row I believe, one guy was in the running for the defensive player of the year, oh and they just so happen to have new money with this new TV deal that came into effect. They say he took less money but let's be serious here, it's a matter of a few million dollars with respect to the deal he just signed. It really isn't that much of a difference in pay. I don't think that that aspect should even be mentioned. Don't get it twisted, Kevin Durant went to the Golden State Warriors for one purpose and one purpose only: to win a championship. Winning a championship should be every professional athlete's ultimate goal, but at what cost? Do you think he'll get credit if/when the Warriors win a championship? I'm surely not going to give him any. They better win at least one with the lineup they have or it will be a colossal failure. But I am not going to crown them the champions yet, no way. How in the world are they going to coincide when there is only one ball to go around? Their rebuttal is, or will be, "we aren't guys with big ego's, we just want to win". That may be fine and well, but you're telling me that in a competitive game and knowing these guys' competitive natures, that there won't be some serious disagreements and arguments along the way? Durant got testy when Westbrook would come down the floor and jack up a 3 or have the ball in his hands for the whole possession and not pass it. What does he think is gonna happen with this team? Isn't Curry known for running down the floor and jacking up ridiculous 3's from nearly mid-court? Doesn't Thompson take multiple poor, highly contested shots every game? Didn't Green throw a tantrum in these past Finals or Conference Finals when he wasn't getting the ball like he wanted? If Durant got pissed at Westbrook on those occasions, he better brace himself for what's about to happen in this upcoming season. I don't think Curry or Thompson are going to drastically change their games just because Durant is on the team. They will HAVE to learn to play together even more now than they did these past few years, or else they will be a huge flop. I understand that they will have a tremendous starting lineup. no doubt, but tell me who is going to rebound the ball? Who will be the guy down low fending off guys like Steven Adams, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, Al Horford, Tristan Thompson, when they come in for an offensive rebound? We saw how vital Bogut was for them and how they struggled in those areas when he went down with the injury. They won't have a problem scoring points and their defense will be pretty good, but you can't just try to outshoot or outscore the other team every single time. They have a HUGE target on their backs now and teams will be coming at them so hard every game, regardless of if it's regular season or postseason. By the time they get to the playoffs, they will be so worn down from all the beatings they took during the regular season, they should count on that. I know there will be games where other teams just can't match up with them, so they'll coast through some, but as they saw this last season, winning the most games in the REGULAR SEASON doesn't win you the CHAMPIONSHIP. They actually lost more games in the playoffs than they did all season! So while a lot of people want to give them the championship already, I am not a part of that crowd. I will watch them when they play the Jazz, and I hope that they'll give them a run for their money every time, but I will not care to watch them when they play other teams, aside from Oklahoma City. That brings up another topic here. I cannot wait to see what Russell Westbrook's response to all this is, and I cannot wait to see OKC go up against the Warriors, namely to see Westbrook go up against Durant. He will show him no mercy and will attack him every chance he gets. Steven Adams will not take it lightly on him when he tries to go in for a dunk, either. If I'm them, I would scheme to shut Durant down and make the other guys beat you. So what if you lose? As long as you don't let your former teammate go off on you, I think that's a win. It will be interesting to watch for sure.

   To wrap up, I just want to reiterate my disgust for this type of move. For me, growing up and even to now, whenever I'm playing a sport, whether it be basketball or volleyball, if the team I'm on is stacked and we haven't been challenged, I will voluntarily go to the other team to help them out, go to the "lesser" team, if you will. I hate playing on a team where you don't really have to do much, the other guys on your team are equally as good or better than you, so you're just kinda like window dressing. I want to be pushed, I want to push myself to play hard and beat the other team. There is nothing more satisfying or gratifying, in my opinion, than to be on the "lesser" team and you beat the better team, the team that's expected to win. If I'm playing and there's an odd number between the teams, I'm praying that I'm on the team with fewer players, like if it's 5 on 4. In that scenario, you obviously have to work harder to win, have to run around more to get open, play defense, those types of things, so it's a greater feeling you get when you beat them, versus being on the team with more players and you win, its's like, "Well yeah, we should win because we have more guys on our team". There isn't much gratification in that instance, to me. So with Kevin Durant leaving an already awesome, amazing team in the Thunder, who have been knocking on the door every year to compete for a championship, to go to a team who has already won a championship recently without you, that ruffles my feathers and makes me lose any respect I had for you. Same thing when LeBron left Cleveland for Miami. I was one of his biggest fans before and once he announced he was leaving, there wasn't a player in the NBA that I hated more than him. He is slowly gaining my respect back, but it's taken a while. The same thing will happen with Durant. I know he has no idea who Jordan Porter is, but he has lost my respect and will have to do an awful lot to gain it back.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

   Hello everyone! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! This is my third year of having a son to celebrate with on this day and for that, I am very grateful. One of the things I wanted to be the most when I was young was to be a Dad and have kids. My career didn't necessarily matter, where I loved didn't necessarily matter, I just wanted to be a Dad and couldn't wait for that day to come. I didn't rush into it by any mean, I was 25 before I got married and 26 before I became a Dad, but I believe it was well worth the wait and am excited for what the future has, what other children might come along. Hopefully they will be as good of kids as our Camden is. We are pretty lucky to have him and are very grateful that he was sent to us. It's so fun to see the things he's learning now, the phrases he says, the songs he learns at day care, it's fun to see his little personality come out more each day and hear his little voice recite the songs he's been learning. Parenthood is awesome! Speaking of parenthood, I'd like to wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day and my father-in-law one as well. They are two very different, yet very amazing, examples of being a Dad and are great examples to me. I'm thankful for my Dad for all that he's done for me, for instilling hard work in me when I was young, for showing me a ball when I was little, my life kinda revolves around sports now and for that, I'm thankful for him for showing me those sports and teaching me when he was able to. My older brother Riley had/has a great influence on me in those areas as well. When my Dad was at work, Riley would let me follow him around, even though he's almost 7 years older than me, he was pretty good at taking me where he went. I know it wasn't his favorite thing to do, especially as he was getting his driver's license and being independent that way, he still took time to let me follow him around and to teach me how to dribble the ball and those types of things. My left-handed ability comes from him, I'm sure of it. To my Grandpa Warner, he just passed away last year, and though he and I didn't have a lot in common, he was still my Grandpa and I looked up to him in various ways. He rarely got upset about things, rarely said a harsh word about someone, he was quiet but when he talked, you listened because it wasn't often that he had a lot to say. He was a great man and I miss him every day. And to the Grandpa that I didn't have the chance to meet (in this life anyway), my Grandpa Porter, I hear great stories about him. He worked very hard to provide for his family, he was once the County Commissioner for Summit County and was a big sports fan as well. He is a Porter, though, so I don't think he had a choice :) One day I will have the chance to meet him and I look forward to that day, hopefully it won't be for a long time, but it will be very cool to meet him and talk with him. I have great examples of father figures all around me and am thankful for all of them. I had a pretty great childhood as well and I'm very thankful for it.

   Ok now to a few other topics, one being the U.S. Open golf tournament today and guess what? I can't watch it because the freaking Dish network is in contract negotiations with FOX, so it's currently blacked out. Guess I'll have to jump online or just catch the stats after it's over. Man, that's pretty petty of me to be complaining about such a thing when we are blessed with a lot of things in this life, but it's just frustrating is all. I can still watch ABC, however, and I will definitely be tuning in tonight, as the Cavs head into Oakland to try to knock off the defending champs, the Warriors. I think the Warriors have topped my list of least favorite NBA teams. The Spurs are a close second, but they don't have the arrogance that the Warriors have. A few years ago when they were starting their ascent, starting to be a more relevant team, I'll admit, they were fun to watch. A young team with not a lot of superstars and who played team ball. They still play team ball now and pass it around, but their arrogance level has increased exponentially, in my opinion. Steph Curry has turned into a cocky, overly confident player, a far cry from what he was just a few short years ago. He makes no effort to follow his shots, granted he's a great shooter, but for him to stand out at the 3 point line and sit in awe over every shot he puts up, or run the other way when he thinks it's going in, is pure arrogance and really ticks me off. You don't do that. Even if you think it's going in, don't sit there and admire it, because guess what, you can indeed miss it. It does happen. He is also becoming very lazy with his passes and ball handling skills. He thinks he can get away with these behind the back passes or cross-court passes, sometimes he does, but I think the Cavs are exposing him of those flaws in this series and are making him look like an average player. Still a great shooter, but pretty pedestrian in everything else he does. If his shot isn't falling, he doesn't really affect the game in other areas. His defense is decent, but he doesn't block shots, doesn't get in the passing lanes a lot, doesn't attack the rim as much and with his height, he doesn't or can't finish at the rim as well as other guys. So for him to get the MVP, that's fine, but to be a unanimous decision, the first one at that, the first one in quite a while anyway, is pretty crazy to me. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, they were never voted unanimously and they affected the game in way more areas than just scoring. I think that that, combined with them winning last year and being favored in these Finals, is adding nothing but fuel to LeBron's fire and pushing him to win. He has been amazing in this series, particularly the last three games, and he'll have to do it again tonight if they want a chance to win. But I think what the Cavs have going for them is momentum and rebounding. With Bogut out, that's a huge loss for Golden State, because they don't have much behind him to rebound or be a presence inside and the Cavs are exposing that. Ezeli is decent but he's not a threat on offense and the other big isn't even worth mentioning. He needs to be playing soccer with all the flopping and acting he does. Draymond Green is a good player but he's been very average lately. Plus he's only 6'8. Playing him at the center position works in stretches, but they can't have that for the whole game. Klay Thompson is a tremendous player, but I think he, like Curry, falls in love with the 3 too much and he'll give up an easy lay-up or close-range shot, for a contested 3 and most times, he misses. He has made some amazing shots, but he relies upon those shots way too much instead of driving it in and either kicking it out, or trying to draw a foul. Get to the line and get points that way. I think if no one else shows up for the Warriors, besides Curry and Thompson, if Green, Barnes, Iguodala, Barbosa or Livingston aren't effective, they'll lose and probably lose big. On the flip side, it will take a Herculean effort from not only LeBron, but Kyrie as will, if they want to win. If they can get Kevin Love going early, get him some touches and a feel for the game, he can be effective and actually contribute. Otherwise, he'll get 2 points and 3 rebounds again, which is flat out unacceptable for a player of his caliber. If they, like the Warriors, get some bench help, 30-40 points, they will win. My pick is for the Cavs to win. I would love nothing more than to see them not only come back from a 3-1 deficit, but to send the cry baby Warriors home packing, shut them up for a while, and end their season on a loss, without a championship. It will be an exciting game, I can't wait!!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Halfway Through Already

   Hey all, I just have some things to jot down that would make too long of an FB status, so here ya go. It's mostly sports related, so if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can check out now. Don't worry, I won't be offended.

   June is already here and I can't even believe it. Wasn't it just February?? Time seems to fly by faster as you get older. Speaking of flying by, it's now been 10 years since I graduated from Snow College. Ten. Years. Sheesh. I absolutely loved my time there. I made some great friends, had awesome roommates, most of which I still keep in touch with, and I learned a little bit of school stuff. I think I had more sports classes than actual curriculum classes, but my thoughts are if they offer the classes, why not take them? Plus it helped balance what few hard classes I had. Bottom line, though, Snow was awesome and I'm so glad I went and am even more thankful for the friends I was able to make. You guys are awesome!

Some sports stuff now...

--I hope Steph Curry and Klay Thompson took their entire team out for dinner tonight, because they all showed up for the game, unlike Curry and Thompson. They were both atrocious. They both made a few 3's late in the game when it didn't matter, but the rest of the game was pretty bad for them. And they were lucky to have other guys step up and bail them out, really. Livingston scored 20 points? When does that ever happen? Has anyone else noticed how he cocks his head back in a weird way EVERY TIME HE SHOOTS IT? No? Just me? Ok. Watch him next time they play, though. It's bizarre. Back to Curry. I cannot stress enough how much it ticks me off that he sits there and admires every 3 he shoots, never once even thinking about trying to follow it in just in case he might miss. He's lazy with the ball at times, both with dribbling and passing. He thinks he can get away with it but he got exposed in a lot of different ways last night, in my opinion. He almost has this "don't care" attitude, too. I mean I know he cares but just the way he presents himself is like he couldn't care less to be out there or to be in the Finals. It ticks me off. I like that he plays loose but my gosh, show a little bit more to me. I don't necessarily think he's a good role model for kids, in terms of his basketball playing, he relies on his outside shot WAY too much. He can get away with it most times, but I just don't see the intrigue of jacking it up from over 30 feet away. He is pretty accurate but like I say, I don't want my kid learning that and thinking he can just jack it up from anywhere and not bother to follow any of his shots in. I may be in the minority here, but that's just my opinion. Oh and would someone PLEASE block his shot? Is that possible? Or knock him into the front row when he's on the sideline just dribbling the ball without going anywhere. Be physical with him, make him think twice about his next shot or drive to the basket. Now I'm not saying to hurt him, just send him a message. Hopefully the Cavs will be more physical next game and their bench will show up. We shall see.

---I think the Jazz need to trade down in the draft, look to go somewhere in the 18-25 range, give someone their 12th pick in exchange for a lower pick and a proven veteran or two. I would love to see them try to get a guy like Lauvergne from the Nuggets, he's about 6'11 who can shoot fairly well but plays good D and would be a nice piece coming in behind Rudy or Favors. Plus he's French, so there's that connection with Rudy. With moving down, I would love to see them pick Brice Johnson from UNC, not just because he's a Tar Heel, but look at how much he's improved each year he was in college. He has a great mid-range game, he's 6'10 or taller, can jump out of the gym and is a tremendous shot blocker. Could you imagine pairing him with Rudy?? They could both control the paint and protect the rim with the best of them. I don't know the Jazz's direction but man that would be awesome! They also need better wing play behind Hayward. Once he goes out, there's a huge drop off. Ingles is a nice guy but he is nowhere near productive enough or athletic enough to provide what the Jazz need behind Hayward. Somewhere they need to snag a wing either in a trade or free agency, in my opinion. I don't see them keeping more than one guy through the draft, because they're already nearly the youngest team in the league, so adding multiple rookies would not only make them younger, but it would make them less experienced as well. I see them either trading away their second round picks or else drafting guys that they can stash overseas or in the D-League and let them develop over a few years before bringing them in right away. Who knows what they'll do but I'm excited for it! I love the draft and free agency, it's fun times for me.

   Camden has been doing great at day care lately. He used to be so nervous to go and would cry most days, but now he likes going and playing with the kids and that's a HUGE relief for us. We are very thankful for Denise for taking him in, working with him and the other kids and teaching them new things every day. He comes home every day with a different song he's learned, like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", those are his new favorites and he can keep a pretty good rhythm to them, even if he doesn't know all the words :) He is a sweet boy and we sure do love him!

Friday, May 6, 2016


   First off, hello again everyone. We can't keep meeting like this. Ha teasing, I haven't been keeping up on this very well, so we need to meet up more. Anyway, I'd just like to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all that I have been blessed with and for all that I'm able to have. So about three weeks ago, I took a test to get certified as a water operator, they encouraged me to take the highest level, a grade 4, that way I could get it all done in one shot and not have to worry about it. Sounds good in theory but a lot harder to do in actuality. Originally I wasn't set to take it yet, I had been ready to take it since November, but I first learned that I wouldn't get to take it for almost a whole year, which obviously a ways away and a long time to try to get prepared for it. Thankfully, my boss pushed hard enough to get me a chance to take it this spring, so I studied all I could, was able to study at work and there was a really good program on the computer that really helped me. I was nervous leading up to the test, mainly because I didn't know what to expect, because there were over 1,000 questions that they pool from, so you never really know what's going to be on there. I went into it hopeful that I could do well enough to pass. There were 100 questions and you needed a 70% to pass, so 70 correct answers, and I didn't care whether I got a 97 or a 70, as long as I passed. The guys at work had been talking this week about hearing that the results should be mailed to us some time this week, so I got a little anxious, then the anxiety really set in yesterday when one of the guys said he got a 63 and the average out of the 26 total people who took it was a 67, which is obviously not passing. Crap. I was just pulling that I was on the other end of that average, anywhere above a 70. I came home, got the mail, saw the package from the State of Utah, felt that it was pretty bulky and I thought, "Surely they wouldn't send me something this thick if I didn't pass, would they?" I soon found out, as I opened it and could seem part of my name scrawled on the certificate and sure enough, I PASSED!!! I received a 73, so not way great but it's what I needed and that's all I care about. I was so pumped, Camden and I kept saying in the car, "Yes! Yes!" And pumping our fists. Ha ha it was a cool moment. Kind of a nerdy story, but I feel like I worked hard to study for that and I'm so grateful that it paid off. Oh and another tidbit, I don't have to take that test again as long as I keep up on my CEU's. Sweet!
   Ok on to less nerdy has been good, staying busy and enjoying it. Maggie has been busy with proctoring tests in the computer lab at the elementary she works at. She loves her job and I'm really glad she does. She enjoys being around the kids and I think she's a great example to them. Only one month left for her and then she's free.....for the summer anyway. That is definitely a perk of being a teacher :) Camden is growing like a weed, he's 2 1/2 now and is a little Paul parrot. He repeats about everything you say and is beginning to form sentences, which is fun to hear. It's really nice that he can tell you what he wants and we don't have to play the guessing game anymore. He is also off the binky! We went to St. George last weekend (more on that in a bit), my parents watched him and they were able to get him off the binky, something that he loved and wouldn't go to bed or take a nap without it. I thought it would be rough to get him off of it, but they said it was fairly simple and he's hardly even asked for his binky since. We sure love our boy!!!

   I'll try to put pictures on here, some of you may have already seen them on FB, but we made the jaunt to St. George last weekend for the primary purpose of seeing The Beach Boys, one of Maggie's all time favorite bands. It was out at Tuacahn, somewhere neither of us had been before, but it's a sweet setting and we will definitely go back again. Just hopefully next time it will be better weather and not rain on us the whole time. The only time it didn't rain was at the very beginning and for maybe the last 20 minutes of the concert. We were all drenched, but there was no way we were going to leave. I mean once you're wet, you're wet, and we drove all that way so of course we were going to stick it out. They put on a great show, sang a ton of songs in two hours and kept us all entertained. The weather wasn't the greatest all weekend and of course the weather was the best on the day we had to go home, but at least it wasn't cold there. We got some good time away, got to see some old friends and just had a great time. Hopefully we can go back again soon! And I will try to write again here soon, more than twice a year at least. Anyway, off to bed now.....

Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Only Been a Year...

   Hello blogging world! It's sad to say that this is my first post all year and it's December 18th.....whoops. I've had good intentions all year about posting but I just haven't done it. Life happens, you get busy, have late nights, early mornings, plus I write in my journal most days/nights, so this kinda takes a backseat to all of that. We're here now, though, so I'll try to make a better habit of blogging.

   A lot has happened in a year, as you can imagine. We feel a lot more settled in our home now, we've added two neighbors right next to us, which isn't ideal, but what can you expect when you live in a townhouse. The young couple next to us are SO loud, it's ridiculous. We've never heard people slam their doors more than these guys. And supposedly you shouldn't hear your neighbors with the design of these houses, but oh we can certainly hear them. They finally got rid of their truck that they consistently parked out front, which they weren't supposed to be doing, so that's nice that we don't have that nuisance to deal with. They're nice enough people, just... a little noisy. Overall, though, we really do love this area. Our ward got changed about two months ago, so basically aside from these townhouses, we gained brand new people, so it's been a little hard getting to know everyone after we felt like we were getting to know everyone in our previous ward. But that ward was growing like crazy so it only made sense to split it and rearrange the boundaries for all of Nibley in the process. We get to go to a lot newer church, though, so that's a nice bonus. The one we went to is like 40 years old or more and just a bit outdated, so yeah this change has been nice all the way around.

   Let's see, what else...... oh yeah! So when I last wrote, I was miserably cleaning houses for a living, but not long after my last post, I was able to get a job interview with Logan City in the water department. I felt like I interviewed well and was very hopeful, but when the call came that I didn't get it, I was crushed. I was so ready to be done cleaning houses. I was sick of all the complaints, not knowing your schedule until the week of, coming home to wash all of the rags every night, I was just sick of it all. I kept working, though, we kept paying our tithing and were just hopeful that something would come about. Maybe three weeks after that, I got a surprise phone call and I don't think I answered it; I didn't recognize the number. They left a voicemail, I checked it and it was Paul from Logan City saying the job had reopened and they wanted to offer it to me if I was still interested. Uhhh yes please!!!!!I called back, got all the details figured out and told them that I would start a few weeks from then. I felt like I should give the cleaning company a week or two to try and find someone to replace me. So the week of my birthday, February 15th, was my last week of cleaning and I was so elated. It was an exciting but a tough week as well. My Grandpa Warner was in poor health. His lung cancer was taking it's toll and he was slowly losing his strength. I saw him on my birthday, that Sunday, and that was the last time I saw him in good health and, well, alive. He was in great spirits and was so excited for me getting this new job. That made me feel good and that he was proud of me. Sadly, he passed away just six days after that, on February 21st. We were set to go down to Coalville that day anyway and I thought we'd be ok to see him later in the day, that he'd still be with us. Just as we were getting ready to leave, some time in the afternoon, my phone rang and it was my Mom. Immediately I knew it wasn't going to be good news and it wasn't. We both broke down over the phone, it was really sad to lose a loved one, it always is. He was the only Grandpa I ever knew on this earth, and while we weren't super close, I always looked up to him and respected him. He was on his hospital bed that they had had for him and I just kept looking at him, expecting him to start breathing and we could talk to him, but that wasn't the case. I did have the neat opportunity to help carry him out to the hearse, as I was the only other man there besides the funeral guy, so that was a cool opportunity to help carry him out to the car. Something I'll never forget. One of the good things that come out of funerals is that it provides you a chance to reunite with family members that you may not have seen for a while, so that was a good thing in that respect, and I was able to speak about my Grandpa in the services as sort of the spokesperson for my immediate family. It was a very hard few days but we know we'll see our Grandpa again.

  Anyway, the job at Logan City has been great! I felt really overwhelmed in the beginning because I felt like I needed to know everything right away, so I put a lot of pressure on myself. My co-worker/trainer, Jared Brinkerhoff, had a lot of knowledge of the water meters, how to fix them, their sizes, how to install them, how to check for leaks, things like that, and I was just blown away at the things that he knew. I thought I'd never get to the point he was at, but over time and with him moving away for another opportunity a few months after I started, it put me in the lead position of the meter readers and I had to learn pretty quickly. But I feel like I've got a good handle on things now, I understand a lot of what's going on, my bosses trust me and rely on me, so that helps and I enjoy doing what I do. Plus the benefits that we get, insurance paid for, free access to the rec center, library and golf course, they've got a ton of perks and it's really awesome. I'm very thankful for it, it's been great for us :)

   To wrap up, our little boy, Camden, turned 2 on November 7th and he is one funny, smart, independent, good-natured little boy and we just love him so much! He gives us a run for our money sometimes, but oh man we would never trade him for anything. It's amazing that you can love someone so much and you wonder what you ever did before you had kids. He's a great boy and we are sure grateful to be his parents :) There is MUCH more to tell, Maggie's new job, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Disneyland, just all sorts of fun things. So until next time, I'll wrap it up there and will write soon!