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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Thoughts At Work

So I'm sitting here at work w/ not a heck of a lot to do, so I thought I'd jot down a few things and hopefully fill my time here. I went to a Jazz game last night, which was a lot of fun and they actually won! Our seats were on the third row in the upper bowl, so not too bad. Binoculars were not needed, thankfully. It was a good game though and I'm glad I was able to go. K now some random goes nothing...

-I absolutely love basketball (if you couldn't tell)
-I had a salad as part of my lunch yesterday, which almost never happens.
-Lately I've been looking at the nutrition facts on all the stuff I eat. Why? Not quite sure. Boredom maybe, but I think I'm finally taking notice of what I'm eating, hence the salad.
-Dirt cake is my favorite cake and I only eat it once a year--for my birthday, which is in the near future and I'm pretty excited about it (eating the cake, I mean).
-Red velvet cake has moved up to a close second-favorite
-I hate that the internet here is dial-up
-I can't get enough of The Office. The Nard Dog cracks me up every time.
-My phone is driving me nuts lately, so I do believe I'll have a new one soon.
-I'm often indecisive, which doesn't help my cause in a lot of things, such as picking out a new phone :P
- :P is my new favorite emoticon to use and for good reason :)
-I HATE cottage cheese, licorice and popcorn. If it's got a funky texture, there's a strong chance that I won't eat it.
-I ALWAYS have to put my left sock or shoe on before the right one. Same thing w/ taking them off. And I always have to undo the laces.
-I go through the same routine each night before I go to bed.
-I have two beds in my room. Yes, two. And I've only ever slept on the one, which is the smaller of the two. Go figure.
-I have to make my bed every day, otherwise it feels out of place. None of the blankets/sheets can be upside down, either.
-When putting bills in my wallet, they all have to be facing the same direction and be in chronological order (1, 5, 10, etc.)
-I may or may not have a little OCD, you can decide that :)
-I am a bit of a perfectionist as well; I used to tear holes through my paper as a kid, because if a letter/word wasn't how I wanted it, I'd erase it and re-write it 'til I got it just right.
-I have a weird ability to spell most words correctly. It probably comes from me re-writing everything when I was little.
-I tend to yawn a lot when I'm nervous
-I hate it when my pants drag on the ground
-I was 19 before I got my first kiss
-I get dizzy on a swing
-I almost got stuck in Canada when I was little
-I worry far too much
-I am my own worst critic and am usually pretty hard on myself
-I keep a journal and my goal this year is to write in it every day
-I hate the feeling of rubbing a paper towel across the carpet, or when you step in something wet and you're barefoot or in socks.
-You can never go wrong w/ a new pair of socks. I would LOVE it if I could wear a brand new pair every day.
-I used to think that whichever way you were travelling, you were going north. Always. And I always thought the compass deal in your car was telling you which way the wind was blowing.
-I think professional athletes are WAY overpaid. School teachers, police officers and fire fighters should be making way more than them.
-Soccer, hockey, wrestling and lacrosse would be more fun to watch if I knew any of the rules.
-JP, Portis and Jord, or Jordy, are the only nicknames I have, k well the only ones I like.
-Despite popular thoughts, I was not named after Michael Jordan. Although I do love to wear his brand of shoes :)

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  1. So I didn't realize that we are alot alike JP. Your shoe thing reminds me of my water thing. If I get a drink out of the tap I have to rinse it four times and then drink just enough to be able to dump some in the sink. :D