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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cankers, St. George, Birthday and PHOENIX!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I haven't been a huge fan of this holiday, mainly because of all the lovey-dovey stuff associated w/ it, but also because I've been single for pretty much all of them. But I'm glad when it comes around, because that means my birthday is coming up! (more about that later...)

K so I played basketball last tuesday night in Provo and it was pretty fun,  minus getting smacked in the face. I grabbed a rebound, then got hit in the mouth and knew right away that I was bleeding. So I went in the bathroom and was in there for like ten minutes just trying to get my bottom lip to stop bleeding. I wasn't mad at the kid who did it, it was just a little annoying that it bled so much, and the fact that I have like five cankers in my mouth now. Dang it. Oh well, there are worse things in life.

Alrighty now on thursday, I headed down to sunny St. George w/ a friend of mine to golf for a few days. We were able to stay w/ a friend of mine, who was way cool to let us stay and hang out there, so big ups to Josh Westover for that. We golfed at Sky Mountain on friday, it was a bit brisk in the morning, so I kept my jacket on for a while, but it sure warmed up on the back nine and was quite nice. I was able to shoot an 86 on 18 holes, which isn't way great, but it could've been a lot worse, so I'll take it. Then we ate at IHOP, primarily because they have their all-you-can-eat pancakes on, so that was the motivation for going :) I ended up eating five, plus my bacon, eggs and toast. I could've eaten a few more, but I would've been miserable, so I figured to quit while I was ahead. K after we ate, we helped my buddy and his wife move from their apartment to a new house and it took a while to get it all moved, but I was more than happy to help. Plus I've known the kid since I was like 5 and knew that he'd do the same for me, so of course I'd help him. The next day, I really didn't feel like golfing, but the guy I went down w/, Eric, really wanted to go, so I ended up going. The course was pretty rough, as the flood a few months ago nearly wiped it all out, so yeah the front nine's holes were pretty sketchy, the yardages were spary-painted on the grass, but they did the best they could w/ what they had. And hey, a day golfing on a rough course (in February, no less) beats a day at work, right?

After we golfed, we met my parents at In and Out and then I jumped in w/ them to head here to Phoenix. My Dad wanted to check out this house that is for sale in Coral Canyon, so we went and it's a pretty nice house, not real big, but it'd just be a second home for my parents, mainly to use in the winter, so it'd be perfect. I might go in on it, as would my brother and sister, so we would each own a percentage of the house, and we could use it just about whenever we wanted, like a winter retreat one weekend or something, which would be pretty awesome :) I'm pretty sure we're going to purchase it, but yeah I won't know for sure 'til like April 1st. I'll keep you posted though. We headed to Phoenix after that and got here around 10:30 saturday night. I've gotten the opportunity to hang out w/ my four nieces and older bro for a few days and it's been a lot of fun! My two youngest nieces are kinda like my shadows, they follow me around and always want to sit by me. Aww it's nice to feel loved, isn't it? :) I've really enjoyed this vacation though, the weather has been amazing and I got to golf some more, so yeah you can't beat it!

I remember this time last year, I was living w/ my bro in southern AZ and got to spend my birthday w/ them, as I will be this year, as well. I listened to Jimmy Eat World's song '23' just after midnight and it was kind of a relaxing, yet somber song to listen to, still is. It's SUCH a great song, but it gets to me every time I listen to it. I'm kind of a baby that way w/ songs, some of them really touch me and get to my emotions, but they're good to listen to and are almost therapeutic sometimes.

With that being said, it is now officially my birthday and yep, I'm 24. What song will I listen to this time? I dunno, perhaps Jimmy Eat World again, who knows. It's just kinda crazy to me to think that I'm this age already. It seems like I was just 12 years old living in Lyman, Wyoming. Age is nothing but a number, like I definitely don't feel like I'm 24, yet what are you supposed to feel like anyway, right? I'm just SO very grateful to be where I am, have the friends that I have, have the amazing family that is always there for me and supports me in all that I do, have a pretty good car to drive and a roof over my head. Even a bed to sleep in is a great thing to have, because there are a lot of people in the world who don't have one, nor even know what a bed is. I can travel freely, drive 15 minutes to buy clothes, or rent a DVD, or eat at pretty much any fast food place you can think of and not think twice about it, yet we take these things for granted at times, I know I do. I just hate it when people get complaining about their situation. Buck up! It's really not that bad and no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who has it worse than you, so remember that! Buck up and deal w/ it! Life is FAR too short to be mad or bitter, so lighten up! ENJOY life! And remember, no one gets out alive! :)

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