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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hair Cuts, Cold Weather and Coyotes

I experienced each of these things today, oddly enough.

The hair cut: Oh how I love a good hair cut! I hate when it gets shaggy, thus I try to get it cut once a month, or like every four weeks. I love the feel of the back of my hair, you know when it's buzzed close. I especially love it when a girl I like feels or plays w/ my hair. Ha I could pretty much fall asleep when she does that, kinda like a little puppy. Ha ha sorry random, but hey.

Cold weather: I think anyone who reads this has experienced this lately, but it was like -15 degrees last night and this morning in Coalville, which is kinda ridiculous. Park City is even colder, but fortunately it's supposed to warm quickly. I sure hope the weatherman is right. I just wish it could be spring already! Shorts and flip flops...ok so maybe not flip flops, but sandals anyway, are calling my name. I'm gonna give the flip flops a try this year though, even though that little thing that goes in between your toes drives me crazy. I've made the mistake of calling them "thongs" before, but yeah, those are something completely different and something I wish not to discuss. Sorry kids. Anyway yeah, I'm so ready for the warm weather and hope it gets here soon! Oh and hey! Punxsutawney Phil (or in english, the famous groundhog), did not see his shadow today, so that means we'll have an early spring. That is a foolproof method, by the way, since we all know how to determine if a groundhog sees his shadow or not :P

Coyotes: K so crazy story. I was on my way to Heber and saw some cars going the other direction were stopped, so I looked over and saw this animal in the middle of the road. But what the heck was it? It had dark fur and was pretty big, so it couldn't be a deer. My Dad told me it was a coyote. A coyote?? Good grief! The thing was massive! I could've sworn it was a wolf, but then again, I'm not an animal expert, nor had I ever seen a coyote in person, so I went w/ my Dad's answer. The thing was still alive, too, and was trying to drag itself off the road. And this was at like noon, too. I felt like I was watching Beauty and the Beast, ya know when he transforms into the beast and just rises up and ROOOOOAAARR! I felt like this coyote/beast was just gonna like rise up and do this and tear after the cars. Ha ha it was pretty intense. I have quite the weird imagination sometimes :S

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts as I sit here at work, w/ PLENTY of time on my hands (perhaps a little too much). I'll leave you w/ a few funny videos and hope they might cheer you up or brighten your day, if you've had a bad day or are feeling stressed out, or just want a good laugh, whatever the case may be :)

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