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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Ice Box

That's how it felt yesterday, leaving Arizona and coming home to Utah. We left Phoenix around 11 A.M., perfect weather there (75 degrees), and by 11 P.M., we were in Utah driving through a blizzard and it was like 30 degrees outside. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, then we get to central Utah and it's yeah, exact opposite weather there. Being in that perfect weather for those few days made you forget that it's February and still winter back home. I would go back to Phoenix in a heartbeat right now if I could. It was SUCH nice weather! Man and now I'm here in the 25 degree, snow-covered road type weather. Not too fun, but hey at least I got to get away for a few days.

On Tuesday, the fam and I went to the zoo and had a great time! It was like 80 degrees outside. Perfect. We walked through the whole place, which took us a good three hours, but my nieces had a blast and so did I :) We got back to the hotel, grabbed some lunch, then I took my nieces to the pool for a few hours. My littlest niece, Audrey, clung on to me the whole time we were in the water, it was pretty cute :) Some older people sitting by the pool thought I was their Dad, cuz the one guy was like, "You're gonna be in trouble in a few years" I just laughed and told him they were my nieces. Ha ha. Do I look old enough to be their parents? Evidently so. It's my bro that's gonna be in trouble, though, that's for sure. Those girls are a handful and they're all pretty cute, so yeah he'll have his work cut out for him when they're all teenagers. I love them to death, though, and am really glad I got to spend some quality time w/ them.

Speaking of quality time, after we finished at the pool, we went back to the room for some sandwiches, then the fam all sang Happy Birthday to me. I couldn't stop smiling :) Then one of my nieces gave me an envelope w/ a card inside. I open it up and see some tickets, so I look at them and they're tickets to a Jazz/Suns game, but I couldn't find the date on them. I asked if it was for tonight and they all said yes. I was going to a Jazz game on my birthday!!! I was so surprised, I seriously had NO idea there was even a game on that night, and now I got to go! Even though the Jazz lost (by one), it was probably the best birthday I've ever had, or at least the best one I can remember. I NEVER expected to get any sort of gift from anyone, so to get tickets to an NBA game on my birthday, no less, was just plain awesome!!! :) I can't express just how grateful I am for my family and all that they've done for me. Oh and my Mom even made my favorite cake, dirt cake. I only eat it once a year and it's always on my birthday, so yeah we ate some of it after the game and it was definitely the "icing on the cake" :) Ha what a great birthday and a great vacation!
Here is little Audrey w/ her "frog fingers" :)

 Here is the famous dirt cake :)
 Not the greatest pic, but this is obviously a lion at the zoo :)
And finally, the view at the Jazz/Suns game :)

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