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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Super Bowl, Fifth Wheels and Wayward Thoughts

Let me start off by saying the Super Bowl was a pretty sweet game. I didn't mind which team won, but I thought it was cool to see Green Bay win, since they haven't won in quite a while, and I really like Charles Woodson, so yeah it was cool to see him get a ring. I won't even mention the National Anthem or the halftime show, both of which were WAY too overdone. Just sing the Anthem, remember all the words, and don't think it's all about you. That's all I ask, for anyone who sings it. Just sing it and don't get all fancy w/ your words and what not.

Next, I would like to express how awkward it is to be the fifth wheel. Even w/ your best friends, it's awkward. Especially when one of those friends is engaged. I went to a movie and then to dinner the other day and I'm glad they asked me to come, but yeah I'll definitely make sure to bring a date next time. Living in a tiny town doesn't help my cause there, but yeah, being the fifth wheel is not a desirous position to be in. Ha mainly because I didn't have anyone really to converse w/ and yeah, they were like all kissy-kiss during the movie, so I had to avert my eyes. It could've been a lot worse though, but yeah. Then at dinner, our waitress, bless her heart, was just trying to be polite, but she was a little over-eager to ask us if we needed anything, yet didn't refill our drinks. I'm not sure if it was maybe her first night/week there, so I don't wanna bash her, but yeah it could've been better. I felt like I was rushed to get my food eaten, cuz everyone else got theirs in a to go box, but I like my food and wouldn't eat it if I took it home, so I took my time eating it there :) Wow I'm really rambling here huh. Here is some randomness...

-I hate having nose hairs. It'd be fine if they didn't grow, but they do, so you have to maintain them; k well I guess you don't HAVE to, but that's just gross if you don't. And those little electric buzzer things don't do jack, so I use these little trimmer scissors and they work pretty well, I just wish we didn't need to have nose hairs.
-The same can be said for neck hair. Good grief I hate shaving it! And some of those razors are like shaving w/ a shard of glass, they just pull the hairs out. I guess waxing could be an option, but...we'll see how adventurous I get.
-I played this dancing game on the Wii at FHE last night and I've gotta wasn't so terrible. Can I dance? No, no I cannot. But I tried and hey, I survived! The world DIDN'T come to an end :)
-I somehow manage to spray myself in the face w/ that little sprayer device by the faucet every time I do the dishes.
-I miss the Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cups, remember the ones in the yellow package that had like an Oreo type cookie in the middle? Yeah those were the greatest back in the day.
-Crispy M&M's were great, too. Now they have a pretzel kind. Pretzel? Really? Come on M&M's.
-I wish you didn't have to buy the whole box of Capri Suns. Sell them by themselves, would ya?-Two cars have come through tonight at work. Two. And it's almost 2 A.M. I have a really insignificant job.
-I miss Eskimo Pies. Do they even make them anymore? My Grandma used to have them every time I came over and they were so delicious, even the sugar-free ones. Sigh. I miss her and those days when you're a kid and didn't have a care in the world. Being an adult kinda sucks sometimes. Not that I have a rough life by any stretch of the imagination, but you know what I mean.
-I hate that I worry so much. And that about 95% of it is over things I can't control.
-Thermal shirts are my new favorite things
-Bringing your iPod to church is ridiculous. Bringing an iPad is even more ridiculous! What's the matter w/ having your actual scriptures? We all know you aren't always reading along on your electronic device like you say you are. Let's be real here.
-The new song by The Script is my new favorite song
-I wish Chris Farley was still alive. Could you imagine all the great comedies we could have if he were still here?
-Jimmy Fallon is the man. I crack up every time I watch his show. He kinda makes up for Chris being gone.
-I nearly gag when I walk by the coffee or fish sections in the grocery store
-I don't ever see myself having a Twitter account
-Brooklyn Decker is pretty much amazing, not gonna lie
-And finally, I want to try out for BYU's basketball team, but I don't want to enroll in school, nor do I think my grades are good enough to enroll there.

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  1. You should totally try the Basketball thing I think you could do it! Crispy M&Ms were the bomb I mean come on they were like mana that came in a cruchy form. Totally agree with Chris Farley comment and Jimmy both amazing. And the fifth wheel yup another bestfriend just got engaged and now we are down to two...crap.