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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Manic Monday

Monday was a pretty crazy day & one that I don't want to ever have again. The night before, Sunday night, I was having pains down by stomach & groin area. So Monday morning, my Mom had me give a urine sample & take it up to the clinic to see if they could determine anything from it. I went to give it Monday morning, but it was SO painful that I ended up passing out. I had no idea I passed out, my Dad was yelling at me to get my attention & I could not figure out why. As far as I knew, I was standing up & was fine. But no, I was actually in a heap on the floor next to the toilet. I was so out of it, it was pretty bizarre. I had never passed out before, so this was kind of a scary deal, but at least I wasn't home by myself. Anyway, long story short...I went to the doctor's office later on & the PA determined that I have a bladder infection & prescribed me some antibiotics, so not a huge deal. I guess it could've been a lot worse & at least it doesn't require surgery. That was probably a boring read, but I just thought I'd share that & update you on what's been going on lately.

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