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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm tired of using technology.....jk just a little lyric there. So I'm laying in bed & I'm on the Internet on my phone while listening to my iPod, all at the same time. Not saying this to brag at all, I just think it's SO crazy that we're able to do this, on a phone no less. It wasn't all that long ago that only the wealthy or the elite even had a cell phone. Now everyone & their dog has one. Heck even some bums on the street have them now. It's almost like you're not human if you don't own one, it's so crazy. I don't ever see myself owning an iPad though. Ever. Those are a bit much, if you ask me, both in price & in general terms. I mean I'm all for technology, but some of it is a bit excessive & there are some people who are a bit excessive w/ it too. These gadgets are cool, a lot of them can serve a good purpose, such as using Skype to communicate, but don't let them consume you. Ya know? After all, they are just things & in the end, you can't take them w/ you, so yeah try not to get too attached, myself included.

On a different note, I get to go to Arizona this wknd! I get to spend some time w/ my Dad & bro for their birthdays, be in the warmth & go golfing! It's gonna be sweet! The drive will suck, but it'll totally be worth it :)

Lastly, just an update from my last entry...I got over that annoying bladder infection, thank goodness. And I finished my last round of antibiotics last night, so yeah I'm good to go! All except for a chest cold, but there are worse things out there than a cold.

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