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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Rabbit

Does that sound kinda weird, or is it just me? I mean it IS a rabbit, but bunny just sounds cuter...that's all I can figure why it's called that. Totally random, useless information, but hey.'s been a while since I've been on here, so I'll kinda update you a bit.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to play in a basketball tournament out in Lyman, WY (where I grew up for a time) and had a blast! I got to see a lot of my old buddies, play against them and just see how they've changed. Some of them have put on the weight, I almost didn't recognize some of them, but it's good to see they're getting fed :) ha ha. I hope my metabolism and activity level keep up w/ me, because I really don't want to have a belly/gut. I'll cross my fingers. But yeah, the tourney was awesome, we lost our first game, but won the next two on Saturday, so we ended up taking third...I do believe. A few of our games got a little chippy, a little too physical, but that's part of the game sometimes. It was fun to be out there though, to get a chance to play w/ these guys was a lot of fun. Another bonus about going out there was that this certain someone went w/ me, which was the coolest part :) ha but yeah it was a pretty awesome weekend, I have zero complaints :)

K also, we closed on the house in St. George, so it's officially ours now. Suhweet! I can't wait to make some trips down there soon and soak up the sun, since it doesn't want to shine up here. Dumb weather. You watch, it'll continue to be rainy/crappy, then it'll warm up all of a sudden and be nice, then all the flooding will come. It's gonna be scary in some places, because hardly any of the runoff has even come down yet. It could be like '83 all over again (not that I was alive then, but I've heard the stories). Hopefully everyone will be prepared for it though and it won't turn out to be all that bad.

-I just had some mini Reese's and somehow managed to get chocolate all over my shirt. So worth it though.
-Seeing San Antonio down 3-1 in their series is pretty awesome
-Attending an MLB game is in my future and hopefully the near future
-Donuts at the Chevron in Kamas are pretty much amazing
-Cafe Rio can't even hold a candle to how good Bajio is
-I would like to get an SUV, but I'm not sure which one I want...
-Chess has become a favorite game of mine lately, as has Angry Birds
-Foo Fighters' new album is awesome!
-My trimmer is on the dull side, I've decided.
-All these plaid shirts and tight jeans make me sick
-It seems like ANYONE can get a record deal these days. Good grief, maybe I should pick up singing.

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