The Mrs. and I

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If anyone is reading this, would you do me a favor? Please don't ever tell anyone you're going to do something when you have no intentions of doing it. No matter who the person is, don't do that to them. I understand that we all get busy, our schedules change & things might come up that we have no control over. I realize that, but by not saying anything to the person, it just gives them false hope, false hope that you'll actually show up or you'll actually do a particular thing. And if you intend on doing something, but can't make it, please let the person know. It's really not a hard thing to do & only takes a few minutes, if that. They will appreciate it greatly & will respect you for it. Not telling them at all, even after the fact, just leaves them w/ a bad taste in their mouth & makes them feel that they're not cared about. That is all.

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