The Mrs. and I

Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Duper!

 So today is July 11th, which translates to 7-11, which in turn translates to, yes, FREE SLURPEE DAY!!! Ha this is like my most favorite day of the year (behind the major holidays, of course) and I definitely took advantage of it. You see, Park City has five 7 Eleven stores and I just so happen to work in PC, and you better believe that I visited each one :) I still got my work done, don't worry. I just mixed in a few delicious treats along the way. My first cup was Wild Cherry Fanta, the second was Pina Colada, the third was some Mountain Dew Blue Shock, the fourth was this blue Alienade (sour, but good), and the last one was Banana. Mmm mmm mmm they were all delicious and very much worth every visit. Too bad this day only comes once a year, but I look forward to it when it comes around. It's kinda like Christmas in July :)

The slurpee lineup
If you haven't yet gotten a free slurpee or were *gasp* unaware of this day, well, now you know and can enjoy this great day w/ me :)

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  1. Ugh! Still unfair I didn't even get a one!! lol We should make it a race for slurpees day next year!! lol