The Mrs. and I

Saturday, October 8, 2011


So here's a story about my first experience making coffee. It wasn't for me to drink, but for the customers at good ol' Grump's Gas 'n Grocery in Henefer, when I worked there in high school. I had no prior experience in coffee, nor had anyone showed me how to make it, so I was on my own. How hard could it be? Well.....I got the pot, filled it up w/ hot water from the bathroom sink (the only sink in the place), got the package of coffee, poured it in, grabbed a plastic spoon nearby and began to stir. I got it to a nice consistency (or so I thought), then placed it on the coffee maker warmer thing and let it stay warm. Perfect. I watched people come in, but needless to say, no one bought any coffee. I couldn't figure out why. Later on, or my next shift, I can't remember, a guy from town came in and I asked him how to make some, as he came to the store a lot and was the owner's brother. He went through the process, showed me how to do it, showed me what those big white things were (filters), how it filters/drains from the top of the pot down to the bottom, and you get coffee. I just started to laugh. Samsonite! Ha ha I was WAY off. I can't blame them for not buying any of my first batch of coffee :)

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