The Mrs. and I

Friday, November 11, 2011


 To start things off, I'd like to thank all those who have served or who are serving in our military, thank them for all their hard work, determination and bravery for doing what they do and fighting for our freedoms back here at home. I couldn't imagine going overseas or into battle like many of them do, so I have a lot of respect for each and everyone of them. Thanks guys/girls!
 I spent the last week down in the St. George area and it was quite nice, not gonna lie. I got to meet up w/ a few good friends, played golf three times and got to meet w/ a few guys who are helping me get my business up and going. We threw around some different ideas and designs w/ the logo, just various things associated w/ it and it was a very productive meeting, very cool to meet w/ those guys. It looks like I won't be moving down 'til after New Year's, as that's when I'd best be able to get the classes up and going, but come January, here I come! I'll have to shovel snow a little bit longer than I'd like to, but it's not a bad job at all, it's just a matter of doing it and being out in the cold. I'll survive :)
 Random thoughts here.....Rihanna is losing my respect w/ each music video she comes out w/. Have you seen her recent one, We Found Love? Well, there's a few parts in there where she's smoking and then the guy in the video blows a huge puff of smoke directly into her mouth. Can you say DISGUSTING??? Blah, I hate cigarette smoke, even moreso when I see a girl I like who is smoking. Major turnoff.
-I think we, as a society, are getting a little too enthralled w/ the social media. Sure it's nice to keep up w/ the things of the world, but man, all these new social media places are a bit much, at least for me. Twitter is something I never see myself using, oh and people who update their status like ten times an hour on facebook tends to drive me nuts. Especially when they're self-promoting themselves.
-The radio from hell show on X96 will forever be my very least favorite talk show to listen to. All they ever do is criticize others and belittle them, and that Kerry Jackson thinks he knows any and all things about any and all things. F-ing annoying!
-Stores that promote Christmas before Halloween should be fined. Let us get through Thanksgiving, at the bare minimum, before you put up your Christmas decorations. Please! I love Christmas, but good grief, putting out stuff for it over two in a months is too much.
-Planking is retarded
-Lady GaGa is just a mess. Great singer, but I cannot stand to see her or watch her perform. At all.
-Daylight savings is hard to get used to. This whole getting dark thing at 5:30 is not cool.
-I can't wait for the Daughtry CD to come out in a few weeks
-Lifehouse needs a new one, too, as does The Fray and The All-American Rejects. Those guys seem to take forever to get new cd's out.
-I want to travel a lot more next year, like just grab a friend and go somewhere for the wknd, kinda like on Yes Man. I think that would be pretty sweet to try at least once.
-Lastly, I think the NBA and it's players need to stop whining, get a deal done and start playing some basketball!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 I can't believe it's November already. Seems like it was just February and I was down in Phoenix w/ my fam, and now it's almost that time of year again. Sheesh time flies. Anywho, I realized I hadn't posted anything for a while, so here we are. So Halloween was yesterday and it's over now, thank goodness. I am not a fan of it in any way, shape or form. Sure the candy is nice, but heck I can have candy any day of the year. I just don't get the meaning behind the holiday, nor do I like all the scariness associated w/ it, nor the dressing up. I think I last dressed up when I was.....12, and all I wore was this mask. It just hasn't been an interest to me and my mindset will have to change whenever I have kids, just to get in the spirit of things, but I won't have to worry about that for a few years, at least. So to sum up, I'm glad Halloween is over. Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!
 The last month has been on the slow side, simply because I don't have a steady 40 hr/week job, I've just been teaching a few golf classes each week, picking up a few shifts at the gatehouse and helping my Dad w/ property management stuff, but it's about to get better and a little more steady (I'm hoping), as I'm headed to St. George on Thursday to try to get my small business started. I won't give out the name yet, but it's a golf program to teach young kids how to play. My buddy and I will start out w/ a few classes and hope to develop/grow it each year and hope to have it be an established program throughout the St. George area. I'm a little nervous about it, not that I don't think it'll do well, but just from the standpoint of starting my own business and putting myself out there. If you have a good idea, but never do anything about it, you'll never know what could have happened. I heard that somewhere, so I'm going to apply it and see what happens! Wish me luck :)
 Anyway, those are my thoughts at the moment. Stay classy, San Diego...