The Mrs. and I

Monday, February 21, 2011


So here I am lying in bed & my mind is flooded w/ all these thoughts, so I figured I better put them down. I've been sick the past few days, which hasn't been real fun, but it's given me a lot of time to think. Good or bad, it's given me that time. I entitled this entry "sentimental" because that's what's crossed my mind most recently & it's just the type of person I am, the personality I have. Some of this may seem weird or odd, but you can be the judge of it.

I keep every birthday card I get & try to put the date on each one, so I can remember when they're from. I'm pretty sure I have each card since high school, at least. I was absolutely blown away this year by the amount of happy birthday messages I got, simply because I was not expecting any. It was pretty amazing. I keep every ticket stub & write on each one who I went w/. I even have them in a ziploc bag in chronological order--that's how meticulous I am. I keep text messages that mean a lot to me, whether it's from a particular girl, or a close friend or sibling. I also write these messages down, word for word, in my journal, just so that I'll always remember them & can reflect on them. I have nearly every scorecard from every round of golf I've ever played & it's becoming a pretty big pile, but I'm gonna keep adding to it. I still have the Teddy bear from when I was 8 & had to go to the hospital for stitches in my leg. It still sits on my book shelf. I still have my junior jazz jerseys from clear back in third grade--that one might be a bit much, but hey. I just don't want to forget these various events, so I'll either keep the item, only if it's small, or I'll put it down in my journal. Call me crazy, but that's just who I am. Sentimental.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Ice Box

That's how it felt yesterday, leaving Arizona and coming home to Utah. We left Phoenix around 11 A.M., perfect weather there (75 degrees), and by 11 P.M., we were in Utah driving through a blizzard and it was like 30 degrees outside. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, then we get to central Utah and it's yeah, exact opposite weather there. Being in that perfect weather for those few days made you forget that it's February and still winter back home. I would go back to Phoenix in a heartbeat right now if I could. It was SUCH nice weather! Man and now I'm here in the 25 degree, snow-covered road type weather. Not too fun, but hey at least I got to get away for a few days.

On Tuesday, the fam and I went to the zoo and had a great time! It was like 80 degrees outside. Perfect. We walked through the whole place, which took us a good three hours, but my nieces had a blast and so did I :) We got back to the hotel, grabbed some lunch, then I took my nieces to the pool for a few hours. My littlest niece, Audrey, clung on to me the whole time we were in the water, it was pretty cute :) Some older people sitting by the pool thought I was their Dad, cuz the one guy was like, "You're gonna be in trouble in a few years" I just laughed and told him they were my nieces. Ha ha. Do I look old enough to be their parents? Evidently so. It's my bro that's gonna be in trouble, though, that's for sure. Those girls are a handful and they're all pretty cute, so yeah he'll have his work cut out for him when they're all teenagers. I love them to death, though, and am really glad I got to spend some quality time w/ them.

Speaking of quality time, after we finished at the pool, we went back to the room for some sandwiches, then the fam all sang Happy Birthday to me. I couldn't stop smiling :) Then one of my nieces gave me an envelope w/ a card inside. I open it up and see some tickets, so I look at them and they're tickets to a Jazz/Suns game, but I couldn't find the date on them. I asked if it was for tonight and they all said yes. I was going to a Jazz game on my birthday!!! I was so surprised, I seriously had NO idea there was even a game on that night, and now I got to go! Even though the Jazz lost (by one), it was probably the best birthday I've ever had, or at least the best one I can remember. I NEVER expected to get any sort of gift from anyone, so to get tickets to an NBA game on my birthday, no less, was just plain awesome!!! :) I can't express just how grateful I am for my family and all that they've done for me. Oh and my Mom even made my favorite cake, dirt cake. I only eat it once a year and it's always on my birthday, so yeah we ate some of it after the game and it was definitely the "icing on the cake" :) Ha what a great birthday and a great vacation!
Here is little Audrey w/ her "frog fingers" :)

 Here is the famous dirt cake :)
 Not the greatest pic, but this is obviously a lion at the zoo :)
And finally, the view at the Jazz/Suns game :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cankers, St. George, Birthday and PHOENIX!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I haven't been a huge fan of this holiday, mainly because of all the lovey-dovey stuff associated w/ it, but also because I've been single for pretty much all of them. But I'm glad when it comes around, because that means my birthday is coming up! (more about that later...)

K so I played basketball last tuesday night in Provo and it was pretty fun,  minus getting smacked in the face. I grabbed a rebound, then got hit in the mouth and knew right away that I was bleeding. So I went in the bathroom and was in there for like ten minutes just trying to get my bottom lip to stop bleeding. I wasn't mad at the kid who did it, it was just a little annoying that it bled so much, and the fact that I have like five cankers in my mouth now. Dang it. Oh well, there are worse things in life.

Alrighty now on thursday, I headed down to sunny St. George w/ a friend of mine to golf for a few days. We were able to stay w/ a friend of mine, who was way cool to let us stay and hang out there, so big ups to Josh Westover for that. We golfed at Sky Mountain on friday, it was a bit brisk in the morning, so I kept my jacket on for a while, but it sure warmed up on the back nine and was quite nice. I was able to shoot an 86 on 18 holes, which isn't way great, but it could've been a lot worse, so I'll take it. Then we ate at IHOP, primarily because they have their all-you-can-eat pancakes on, so that was the motivation for going :) I ended up eating five, plus my bacon, eggs and toast. I could've eaten a few more, but I would've been miserable, so I figured to quit while I was ahead. K after we ate, we helped my buddy and his wife move from their apartment to a new house and it took a while to get it all moved, but I was more than happy to help. Plus I've known the kid since I was like 5 and knew that he'd do the same for me, so of course I'd help him. The next day, I really didn't feel like golfing, but the guy I went down w/, Eric, really wanted to go, so I ended up going. The course was pretty rough, as the flood a few months ago nearly wiped it all out, so yeah the front nine's holes were pretty sketchy, the yardages were spary-painted on the grass, but they did the best they could w/ what they had. And hey, a day golfing on a rough course (in February, no less) beats a day at work, right?

After we golfed, we met my parents at In and Out and then I jumped in w/ them to head here to Phoenix. My Dad wanted to check out this house that is for sale in Coral Canyon, so we went and it's a pretty nice house, not real big, but it'd just be a second home for my parents, mainly to use in the winter, so it'd be perfect. I might go in on it, as would my brother and sister, so we would each own a percentage of the house, and we could use it just about whenever we wanted, like a winter retreat one weekend or something, which would be pretty awesome :) I'm pretty sure we're going to purchase it, but yeah I won't know for sure 'til like April 1st. I'll keep you posted though. We headed to Phoenix after that and got here around 10:30 saturday night. I've gotten the opportunity to hang out w/ my four nieces and older bro for a few days and it's been a lot of fun! My two youngest nieces are kinda like my shadows, they follow me around and always want to sit by me. Aww it's nice to feel loved, isn't it? :) I've really enjoyed this vacation though, the weather has been amazing and I got to golf some more, so yeah you can't beat it!

I remember this time last year, I was living w/ my bro in southern AZ and got to spend my birthday w/ them, as I will be this year, as well. I listened to Jimmy Eat World's song '23' just after midnight and it was kind of a relaxing, yet somber song to listen to, still is. It's SUCH a great song, but it gets to me every time I listen to it. I'm kind of a baby that way w/ songs, some of them really touch me and get to my emotions, but they're good to listen to and are almost therapeutic sometimes.

With that being said, it is now officially my birthday and yep, I'm 24. What song will I listen to this time? I dunno, perhaps Jimmy Eat World again, who knows. It's just kinda crazy to me to think that I'm this age already. It seems like I was just 12 years old living in Lyman, Wyoming. Age is nothing but a number, like I definitely don't feel like I'm 24, yet what are you supposed to feel like anyway, right? I'm just SO very grateful to be where I am, have the friends that I have, have the amazing family that is always there for me and supports me in all that I do, have a pretty good car to drive and a roof over my head. Even a bed to sleep in is a great thing to have, because there are a lot of people in the world who don't have one, nor even know what a bed is. I can travel freely, drive 15 minutes to buy clothes, or rent a DVD, or eat at pretty much any fast food place you can think of and not think twice about it, yet we take these things for granted at times, I know I do. I just hate it when people get complaining about their situation. Buck up! It's really not that bad and no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who has it worse than you, so remember that! Buck up and deal w/ it! Life is FAR too short to be mad or bitter, so lighten up! ENJOY life! And remember, no one gets out alive! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Super Bowl, Fifth Wheels and Wayward Thoughts

Let me start off by saying the Super Bowl was a pretty sweet game. I didn't mind which team won, but I thought it was cool to see Green Bay win, since they haven't won in quite a while, and I really like Charles Woodson, so yeah it was cool to see him get a ring. I won't even mention the National Anthem or the halftime show, both of which were WAY too overdone. Just sing the Anthem, remember all the words, and don't think it's all about you. That's all I ask, for anyone who sings it. Just sing it and don't get all fancy w/ your words and what not.

Next, I would like to express how awkward it is to be the fifth wheel. Even w/ your best friends, it's awkward. Especially when one of those friends is engaged. I went to a movie and then to dinner the other day and I'm glad they asked me to come, but yeah I'll definitely make sure to bring a date next time. Living in a tiny town doesn't help my cause there, but yeah, being the fifth wheel is not a desirous position to be in. Ha mainly because I didn't have anyone really to converse w/ and yeah, they were like all kissy-kiss during the movie, so I had to avert my eyes. It could've been a lot worse though, but yeah. Then at dinner, our waitress, bless her heart, was just trying to be polite, but she was a little over-eager to ask us if we needed anything, yet didn't refill our drinks. I'm not sure if it was maybe her first night/week there, so I don't wanna bash her, but yeah it could've been better. I felt like I was rushed to get my food eaten, cuz everyone else got theirs in a to go box, but I like my food and wouldn't eat it if I took it home, so I took my time eating it there :) Wow I'm really rambling here huh. Here is some randomness...

-I hate having nose hairs. It'd be fine if they didn't grow, but they do, so you have to maintain them; k well I guess you don't HAVE to, but that's just gross if you don't. And those little electric buzzer things don't do jack, so I use these little trimmer scissors and they work pretty well, I just wish we didn't need to have nose hairs.
-The same can be said for neck hair. Good grief I hate shaving it! And some of those razors are like shaving w/ a shard of glass, they just pull the hairs out. I guess waxing could be an option, but...we'll see how adventurous I get.
-I played this dancing game on the Wii at FHE last night and I've gotta wasn't so terrible. Can I dance? No, no I cannot. But I tried and hey, I survived! The world DIDN'T come to an end :)
-I somehow manage to spray myself in the face w/ that little sprayer device by the faucet every time I do the dishes.
-I miss the Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cups, remember the ones in the yellow package that had like an Oreo type cookie in the middle? Yeah those were the greatest back in the day.
-Crispy M&M's were great, too. Now they have a pretzel kind. Pretzel? Really? Come on M&M's.
-I wish you didn't have to buy the whole box of Capri Suns. Sell them by themselves, would ya?-Two cars have come through tonight at work. Two. And it's almost 2 A.M. I have a really insignificant job.
-I miss Eskimo Pies. Do they even make them anymore? My Grandma used to have them every time I came over and they were so delicious, even the sugar-free ones. Sigh. I miss her and those days when you're a kid and didn't have a care in the world. Being an adult kinda sucks sometimes. Not that I have a rough life by any stretch of the imagination, but you know what I mean.
-I hate that I worry so much. And that about 95% of it is over things I can't control.
-Thermal shirts are my new favorite things
-Bringing your iPod to church is ridiculous. Bringing an iPad is even more ridiculous! What's the matter w/ having your actual scriptures? We all know you aren't always reading along on your electronic device like you say you are. Let's be real here.
-The new song by The Script is my new favorite song
-I wish Chris Farley was still alive. Could you imagine all the great comedies we could have if he were still here?
-Jimmy Fallon is the man. I crack up every time I watch his show. He kinda makes up for Chris being gone.
-I nearly gag when I walk by the coffee or fish sections in the grocery store
-I don't ever see myself having a Twitter account
-Brooklyn Decker is pretty much amazing, not gonna lie
-And finally, I want to try out for BYU's basketball team, but I don't want to enroll in school, nor do I think my grades are good enough to enroll there.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hair Cuts, Cold Weather and Coyotes

I experienced each of these things today, oddly enough.

The hair cut: Oh how I love a good hair cut! I hate when it gets shaggy, thus I try to get it cut once a month, or like every four weeks. I love the feel of the back of my hair, you know when it's buzzed close. I especially love it when a girl I like feels or plays w/ my hair. Ha I could pretty much fall asleep when she does that, kinda like a little puppy. Ha ha sorry random, but hey.

Cold weather: I think anyone who reads this has experienced this lately, but it was like -15 degrees last night and this morning in Coalville, which is kinda ridiculous. Park City is even colder, but fortunately it's supposed to warm quickly. I sure hope the weatherman is right. I just wish it could be spring already! Shorts and flip flops...ok so maybe not flip flops, but sandals anyway, are calling my name. I'm gonna give the flip flops a try this year though, even though that little thing that goes in between your toes drives me crazy. I've made the mistake of calling them "thongs" before, but yeah, those are something completely different and something I wish not to discuss. Sorry kids. Anyway yeah, I'm so ready for the warm weather and hope it gets here soon! Oh and hey! Punxsutawney Phil (or in english, the famous groundhog), did not see his shadow today, so that means we'll have an early spring. That is a foolproof method, by the way, since we all know how to determine if a groundhog sees his shadow or not :P

Coyotes: K so crazy story. I was on my way to Heber and saw some cars going the other direction were stopped, so I looked over and saw this animal in the middle of the road. But what the heck was it? It had dark fur and was pretty big, so it couldn't be a deer. My Dad told me it was a coyote. A coyote?? Good grief! The thing was massive! I could've sworn it was a wolf, but then again, I'm not an animal expert, nor had I ever seen a coyote in person, so I went w/ my Dad's answer. The thing was still alive, too, and was trying to drag itself off the road. And this was at like noon, too. I felt like I was watching Beauty and the Beast, ya know when he transforms into the beast and just rises up and ROOOOOAAARR! I felt like this coyote/beast was just gonna like rise up and do this and tear after the cars. Ha ha it was pretty intense. I have quite the weird imagination sometimes :S

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts as I sit here at work, w/ PLENTY of time on my hands (perhaps a little too much). I'll leave you w/ a few funny videos and hope they might cheer you up or brighten your day, if you've had a bad day or are feeling stressed out, or just want a good laugh, whatever the case may be :)