The Mrs. and I

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Duck Suicide

The title is self-explanatory, but here's the story. I was checking this pond at work & I could hear all these ducks squawking/honking, it looked like a few of them were in some sort of battle, like fighting over a girl maybe. I had to go check it out, so I walked over & saw those same few ducks attacking this duck that couldn't seem to get away. As I got closer, I could see it was tangled in some sort of netting & obviously couldn't free itself. I also realized that those other ducks weren't attacking it, they were trying to help it get loose. I took a video of it, then sprinted back to my truck to put my waders on. I raced back to the duck (all the other ducks had flown away at this point), I stepped into the water & waded over to the duck. I picked it up, it didn't fight me at all, I figured it was worn out from all the struggling. I tried to pull the netting off, but it was on there pretty snug & I didn't want to hurt it. It was then that I remembered I had a box cutter knife in my truck, so again I sprinted back to it, waders all the way up still, got the knife & sprinted back to the water. I picked up the duck & was able to cut the netting, very carefully, & set the duck free (after a few pictures). It swam to the shore, but didn't get out, just sat there like it was scared. I went over to it, picked it up & walked around to another side of the pond where the bank was debris free, so that it could swim freely & be fine. I put it in the water, it swam away a few feet, then took a dive. I figured it was going down to get something to eat, but I never saw it come back up. I stayed there for a good five minutes, trying to see where it could be, but more so I stood in curiosity & disbelief. Here I just saved this duck's life & now it goes & drowns on me?! I felt so disrespected. Ha not literally, but I was a little perplexed at it. Dumb thing. I guess he wanted a burial at sea (pond). He sure got it, no thanks to me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've never done this before

That's what a lady said to me this morning while I was filling up my work truck. She pulled on the other side of the pump, told me not to leave yet & that she's "never done this before", then reached for something on the floor. I just sat there like "ummm k.....what is she doing??" I finished filling up, then went over to ask her if she needed something & she said yes, that she needed help w/ the whole process--I figured she must be new to working at the county, because it's not a hard thing to figure out. All you do is put your card in, enter your pin, mileage, then the pump number & voila! You can now pump gas. She was just new at it though & I was happy to help. I was just a little nervous when she told me not to leave & was reaching for something on the floor.
On another note, I've discovered this flavor of Wheat Thins & I think you should, too. It's Sundried Tomato & Basil & OMG are they delicious!!! Go check them out, I know you'll love them :) PS golf is my new addiction. I love it!