The Mrs. and I

Friday, December 21, 2012

That John Denver's Full of Sh*% Man

Or the Mayans are, either way. I wasn't worried about the world ending today, it was just something for people to talk about. Big whoop, I say. Anyway, I just thought I'd do a little post before Christmas and the end of the year came. It seems like the year just started, yet here we are at the end of it. Crazy. Some thoughts I'm having as I sit here at work.....

 -It's too cold outside. I would like it to be warm enough to still go golfing. Guess I need to get a place in St. George or Arizona. Maybe one day.
-I would like to go visit the new Trader Joe's in SLC soon to get more of these mini pb cups that I've been devouring. They are seriously so delicious, you should go try some.
-I can't tell you how much I dislike these #### stupid hash tags I see all over the place now. How hard is it to just type out what you're feeling or thinking, instead of condensing it into this great big long word that you can barely make out anyway? Doesn't make sense to me. But if you wanna do it on Twitter, great. Do it all you want. Just don't do it on Facebook. That's not what those are for, they're for Twitter. Why? I'm not sure. I don't have a Twitter nor will I ever get one. But please just keep them there, that way I don't have to look at them. Please and thank you.
-Video games sure are expensive these days. Good grief. I don't know how parents can afford to get their kids any of them. They're like over $50 a game! I'm kinda glad I don't have any new systems to buy games for, otherwise I'd be more broke than I already am.
-Taylor Swift bugs.
-I like cooking on the grill. I've only officially done it once, but it was quite fun and made for a delicious dinner (turkey steaks)
-Carrot cake just might be my favorite kind of cake. Well it's second behind funfetti with that rainbow chip frosting, anyway. Yum.
-I need a massage. The last one I had about killed me over. Good grief I was so stiff and sore after. Note to self: do not say you want the massage that's more intense. It doesn't end well. Go for the relaxing one.
-I would like to go sledding soon. I loved it as a kid, going down the dugway behind our house in Lyman. Good times. The place in Soldier Hollow is quite fun, too.
-Staind is a great band, one of my favorites. However, Aaron Lewis singing country songs is not so good. Stick to rock, Aaron.
-Christmas is in about three days and I'm very excited about that. It's my favorite time of the year and while I don't get up at the crack of dawn anymore, my nieces do. And you better believe they wanna FaceTime with you, ha but I still love it and love to see their reactions to things, my nephews too. I wish I could be with them all this year, but maybe next year we can make it happen :)

 I hope all the dozens (singles) of people reading this will have a very Merry Christmas and an awesome new year!  Enjoy the time with your families, don't fight and be grateful for all you have! Merry Christmas and we'll catch you next year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's far too late in the night/early in the morning for anyone to be blogging, but there isn't much else to do while here at work, so here I am. Blogging. At about 3:30 in the morning. And listening to Honor By August. If you haven't heard of them, well, shame on you. Not really, but you should check them out. Way good band. Anyway, as my mind wanders..... I feel like a lot has happened in the last year, but that's because a lot has. This time last year I was just a single guy with no prospects, I was living at home, almost 25 years old, hadn't been on a ton of dates since the spring, and life was well, just kinda mundane. Flash forward to a few days after Christmas, I had a semi-blind date with this girl named Maggie James. She seemed like a really cute girl, fun to talk to, so I was excited to go out with her. Flash forward to February, I now had a girlfriend and was in a serious relationship (first time ever for me). She reeeaally liked me! (Said in a goofy voice). And I reeeally liked her. We hit it off from the start and we never looked back. Sh** got real on March 23rd when we got engaged :) Ha I'm in a weird happy mood so pardon me for the bleeped out expletive above, ha but yeah we got engaged, set the date for August and could not wait for it to come. FINALLY the day came, we had a beautiful day for the wedding, incredible experience and amazing support from our friends and family. It was an awesome day and it's been a dream ride so far. So for going from single and living at home last December, to now being married and having our own place (an apartment, but still) is just unreal to think about it, but yet it is real and I'm very grateful to be where I'm at now. I wouldn't change it for the world! And I hope she wouldn't either ;)

 As my mind wanders some more, I think about how blessed I am, blessed to be alive and healthy, have a place to live, food to eat every day, clean clothes to wear, a toothbrush to clean my teeth, a car to drive and (some) money to buy things that I need. I think of the alternative, like living in a country besides the U.S., or even living in this country, but on the streets, and it just makes me shudder to think about it. What life would be like if I weren't me. I just am very very grateful for being me and having the things that I have, and knowing the things and people that I know. Life can seem daunting at times, sometimes you feel like you're just spinning your wheels, like you aren't going anywhere or like you just paid the rent and now it's due again. There are challenges in every day living, but I'm just thankful for the life that I'm afforded and that I'm not out on the streets. Seeing some homeless people around Temple Square last evening made me kinda sad, made me wonder how they got to that point, what decisions they made or maybe didn't make that put them in that position, out on the streets and begging for money/food. I feel bad for them and it just makes me appreciate my life that much more. And it makes me stop and think, "Is my life really that hard, really that rough?" You know, it just kinda puts things in perspective: No matter how bad you think you have it, there's always someone else who has it worse than you. Man my mind is here, there and everywhere, but it's late. So deal with it :)

 At the end of November, Maggie and I went to The Killers concert with some friends at UVU and it was an amazing concert. The opening band (Tegan and Sara) was pretty good, when you could hear what they were saying, but it didn't even compare to Brandon Flowers and the boys. They put on one heck of a show and our little amigo, Paulito, was sure excited about it. Ha that kid did not stop jumping around or bobbing his head for the entire time they performed. I've never seen anyone THAT pumped for a concert, it was pretty awesome. And it provided us with some good laughter, not in making fun of him, just all in good fun. The Killers are his favorite and by golly, he sure showed it. He may not have known all the words to their songs, but he sure gave it a valiant effort. He must've worn himself out, though, because he said all of five words on the ride home, but he'd tell you it was so worth it. Ha what a great concert and just a great/fun experience in general. Good times had by all at The Killers concert :)

 This space heater at work keeps switching from high heat to low, high to low, low to high. I think it's nearing the end of it's life cycle, but you better believe I'll keep it on 'til I leave in...two hours. It's freezing outside! At least it isn't snowing, though, that way I don't have to drive in it. We do need the snow, though. I hope it won't be a barren year like last year was. Holy cats that wasn't a good moisture year, er well I guess it's still counting for this year huh. Eh who's keeping track. Not me, obviously :)

 I have a stye in my eye. No really, I do. It isn't the most fun thing to have, but hopefully it'll go away here soon and I can start wearing my contacts again. These glasses drive me crazy sometimes! (These pretzels.....are makin' me thirsty!!!) Thank you, George Costanza. Cooo....Stanza. Oh how I love to watch Seinfeld. What a classic.

 So ummm, Christmas is coming up and I'm getting excited for it. It usually takes me a little while for it to fully sink in, that it is indeed the middle of December, but yeah I'm excited that Christmas is upon us. I love listening to Mannheim Steamroller, it's just instrumental music but man does it cheer me up. It takes me back to my childhood and listening to their cd's while we helped decorate the house. Ah, memories. I'm excited to make some new Christmas memories/traditions with Maggie as we start our first Christmas season together. Even that sounds kinda crazy, but boy oh boy I sure am glad I'm with her :)

 Ha wow this may be my most random blog to date, and I've had some doozies, ha but I hope you've enjoyed the reading. Until next time, stay classy San Diego :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


 First off I'd just like to thank my Heavenly Father for looking out for me and always being there for me, watching over and protecting not only me, but my family. The past two nights here at work it's snowed really hard, so the drives home have been pretty sketchy at best, but I'm very very thankful for him watching out for me, putting snow plows out for me to follow when I couldn't see two in front of me, and just allowing me to travel home safely. My sweet wife, Maggie, stayed the night with me here at work last night and I'm glad that she did. It was a fun little night, we brought our big love sac thing and she sprawled out on it all night while we watched some episodes of The Office before she nodded off to sleep. I couldn't help but watch her sleep and just think how lucky I am to have her in my life. She's truly a great girl. On our way home this morning, she was there to give me an extra set of eyes to watch on the roads as we drove home, beyond exhausted, but we made it. She is such an amazing woman to have as my wife, she puts up with a lot and deals with nights being by herself when I've had to work at night and I'm just very thankful for her. I don't know where I'd be without her :)

 Ok ok enough with the mushy stuff.....

 Our elections were last week and I think most of us weren't/aren't too thrilled with the outcome, I thought for sure Mitt had the edge, but Obama won the major states and most times that's all you have to do to win, you get all those electoral votes and the popular votes don't matter. While I'm not a big Obama supporter, I hope he can improve on his previous term and give us a better one for these next four years. And if not, at least he can't be elected again!

 The NBA season has begun in the last few weeks as well and Maggie and I have taken advantage of it, as we've been able to go to two of the three home games for the Jazz. They blew the Mavericks out on Halloween night, then kinda beat up on the Lakers this past week, which was an awesome win. Any time you can beat the Lakers it's a great night. We couldn't believe how many Lakers fans there were though, holy cow! If you looked away for a second and didn't see who scored, you couldn't tell which team it was, because the Lakers fans were nearly as loud as the Jazz fans. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, we saw some fans getting into it in the section over from us, some Jazz fans were just trash talking w/ some Laker fans, who couldn't take it and were threatening to go outside to fight. A few from each side got tossed out of the game, but it didn't end there. I heard on the radio the next day that these Laker fans saw those same Jazz fans on the corner, sprayed them with pepper spray and took off and they're still looking for the suspects. We're pretty sure it was these same fans, one of them was a girl, in fact, but man how childish is that to want to fight people over a sporting event? I can't understand it, I mean I love sports as much as anyone, but I would never cause a fight because my team was losing or lost. It's just foolish. Hopefully they'll catch those dummies that sprayed them.

 Now that my least favorite holiday is over (Halloween), I can look forward to the wonderful holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I absolutely love them both, Thanksgiving mainly for the stuffing and my Grandma's homemade rolls. I would be content if those were the only things we ate. There's just something about stuffing that drives me wild, I absolutely love it and would eat it at nearly every meal if I could. Just ask my wife ;) Ha but seriously I love these holidays and I'm looking forward to them. It will be different this year, simply because I have two families to spend them with now. This time last year, I never would've thought I'd be married and sharing holidays with my extended family. It's so crazy, but I'm so grateful for it! I hope I can give some good gifts to my close family members and to my Great Uncle Harvey. He is just the neatest guy, I want to get him a Yankees jersey so that he can sport it around the assisted living center. I also want him to sign one of my baseballs, just for a keepsake. I think he is such a stud :)

 Last week, Maggie and I had the opportunity to go out to the Sacramento area to visit her bro, Jason, and his family. We flew to Reno, then drove the two hours over to Rancho Cordova. Flights to Sacramento or San Francisco were like $300 per person one way, so there was no chance of us doing that, so we went this route and it was perfectly fine. We had a blast out there, I was able to golf with Jason and even though we got stuck behind a few slow groups, we had a really good time. Next time I'll bring my own clubs, though :) Ha but yeah we really enjoyed our time there, visiting with Blanca and her girls, Carmen and Sophia. They are such sweet girls and are a lot of fun to be around. Hopefully we can go out there and see them again soon :)

 In a few weeks from now, we'll also have the opportunity to go down to AZ to see my bro and his kids for a little post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. We last went down in March for baby Landon's baby blessing, so it's been a while since we've had the chance to go down, but we're glad that they were able to come up for our wedding and we were able to spend time with them. I really wish they lived closer, mainly so we could help out with the kids, because I can only imagine having five kids, four of which are girls, has got to be pretty hard times and I know that my bro and his wife can use a break sometimes. Maybe they'll move up this way one day, who knows. I won't bet on it, but yeah you never know. I'm just glad that they're only 900 miles away and not on the other side of the country. But yeah we can't wait to go see them :)

 Let's see, oh also in a few weeks we get to go to see The Killers in concert! It's one of Maggie's favorite bands, personally I think it's just because she thinks Brandon Flowers is hot, but they have great music regardless and we're excited to go down to Orem and witness them live. I'm hoping that Lifehouse and The Spill Canvas will be coming soon, too, so if any of you reading this know any info on that, please let me know :)

 Anyway, I think I got you caught up for now, so I'll end it there and will hopefully write back soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Case Lot Sale

 Yes, case lot sale. Maggie and I were showered w/ various items from this sale by her parents this evening and I do believe we're set on soups, tomato sauce, ramen noodles, all kinds of meats and pastas for quite a while now. We knew we'd be seeing her parents, but all this food was a complete surprise. They truly do a lot for us and we greatly appreciate them!! They are headed on one of their many cruises in the morning (lucky ducks), but we hope they have fun! I'm sure they will. Anyway, it's been a little while since I wrote last, but I'll catch you up on what's transpired in the last few weeks.....

 My job at Mosquito Abatement ended on September 14th, but thanks to a good friend, I was able to start working at The Jeremy Ranch Golf Course on that following Monday, a job I had had once before, but a job nonetheless. Actually my previous experience helped me get the job and it's been a good month or so that I've been there. Some days get a little monotonous, but that can be said for many jobs. My favorite part of it is probably picking the driving range, because I get to be in this Kubota and listen to music for a few hours and not have to wash carts or put people's bags on them. But yeah it hasn't been a bad job and it'll end in a few weeks, so I can't complain there. I am also working at The Colony gatehouse, I've picked up more shifts, most of which are night shifts (tonight) and require several back to back to back shifts coming and going to the golf course, but you do what you have to sometimes. And it's not like either job is physically demanding, it just takes up a lot of my time, time I wish I could be spending w/ Maggie. She has been a trooper through it, though, and I appreciate her for that. She does not like to be alone, but thankfully she's got some family close by that she can go see and spend time w/ while I'm stuck at work. She and I get to go on a vacation out to Cali at the first of November and we can't even wait!! Her bro and his fam live out there, so it'll be a nice, relaxing and much needed vacation :)

 Some random thoughts I've got going right now...
-Is the Presidential election over yet??? Good grief if it's not, I'm ready for it to be.
-Joe Biden needs to go away. Just go away, Joe. No one likes you or your antics.
-I used to think Rihanna was the hottest girl ever, but now I've realized that she is just plain trash.         T R A S H.
-That Phillip Phillips can really sing. Bad name, but great voice.
-Speaking of voice, "The Voice" is kinda cool. Cee-Lo is a bit off, but the show is still cool.
-Gordman's is probably the best store ever. They have all kinds of stuff to pick from (and get lost looking at), plus the price is way cheap! Good job, city of Riverdale. Kudos to you.
-I have the two cutest nephews ever and one of them is quite the little athlete already. All opinion obviously, but you should see them :)
-The Spill Canvas just moved into my top 10 of favorite bands. I hope they come to SLC soon.
-We will be attending The Killers concert in Orem at the end of November and it's gonna be sweet!
-The Braves, Orioles, and Nationals have all let me down. I now turn to you, Giants. Don't let me down, too!
-Once Upon A Time on ABC is mine and Maggie's new addiction. It's SUCH a good show! And no, it's not girly.
-I want to live to be 100. I have a great uncle who is 101 and I think he is just the neatest guy ever. And how cool would that be to say you're 100?!

Until next time.....stay classy, San Diego.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Porter

 Hello everyone! I'm back after about a two month hiatus and so much has happened since I last wrote! First off, I got married to the most amazing girl I've ever met, Maggie James. We got married in the Logan Temple on August 10 and everything about that day was incredible! I was able to sleep like a baby the night before, but then the nerves kicked in about an hour before the ceremony, which was at 11:00 A.M. It was just something neither of us had done before (obviously), so we just didn't fully know what to expect, that's why the nerves kicked in. But the man who performed the sealing was actually the president of the temple and he was such a stud. He had us laughing one minute and in tears the next. He did such a great job and kept us at ease, cracking light-hearted jokes throughout the ceremony, which allowed us to relax a bit. It's hard to explain the feelings/emotions I felt throughout, but just know that it was truly an incredibly amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world! We got outside and the weather was perfect; cloudy with a nice cool breeze. Just how Maggie and I like it :) The rain held off 'til about 8 o'clock that night, right near the end of our reception, so we were grateful for that and grateful for all our friends and family who made it out to see us. It made the day even more special and we will certainly never forget it :)

 Six days prior to us getting married, Maggie and I were able to go through the temple together to receive our endowments and let me tell you, that was a phenomenal experience!!! She let me choose which temple we went through, so I picked the Oquirrh Mountain and it is such a beautiful temple (as are all of them). But this was my favorite one I had been in and it will always have a special place in my heart. I know I was super nervous for the whole experience, because again you can never fully anticipate what goes on in the session, but it was a very neat and awesome experience and we enjoyed every minute of it. The spirit was so strong there and we hope to go back as often as we can so that we can feel those same feelings :)

 A few days after the wedding, we headed out to Disneyland on our honeymoon and we had an awesome time! Maggie can't get enough of Disneyland and everything that goes with it, so it was fun to see her in that atmosphere. She was just like a little kid :) I think we rode Indiana Jones about five times, Pirates at least four times and the Haunted Mansion at least three times. I even gained the courage to go on the Tower of Terror and let me just say that that was a one time thing. Ha I did not like it, so I'm pretty sure I will not be riding it again. My courage was slightly tested again when we went on the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but Maggie was more scared than I was on both of them! So for once it was my time to poke fun at her a little :) We had a blast out there, though, and were sad we had to come home after being gone for five days, but in a way it was nice to come home. We are now settled in our home in Henefer, Utah. It's a cute three bedroom apartment and we love it! We will both be better about blogging in the future and we will get more pictures up, too! Until next time...!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

27 Days

 That's how many days I have left 'til I get to marry my best friend and favorite girl in the world!! Oh and only 21 days 'til we get to go through the temple! It is an exciting time for us and we can't even wait for it! It has been a long engagement to say the least, but it's drawing to a close and we couldn't be more excited/anxious for it to finally be here! August 4 and 10th, here we come!!!

 Let's see, what else is going on in my world.....oh yes, I got my esophagus scoped on the 3rd and I was pretty nervous going into it, mainly because I didn't quite know what to expect and hadn't ever been put under before, so yeah I was nervous, but it wasn't bad at all. The part that took the longest was all the paperwork and then the waiting around, because the actual procedure took all of like 20 minutes. They had me turn on my left side, then they put this thing in my mouth for me to bite on so that my mouth wouldn't close during the operation, then the nurse, who was super kind and very cordial to me, applied the stuff to knock me out and had me count down from 10. I got to about 0, then I swear I could hear the nurses/doctor start singing, like they were doing a show tune or something. It was pretty bizarre, but I figured out after that it was just my imagination, ya know from being on the drugs. Ha ha it was fun to imagine though. I wasn't too groggy after I woke up, like I didn't say or do anything funny, it just took me a little bit to adjust and fully wake up. Anyway, they said I have a hiatial hernia (I think that's how you spell it) at the top of my esophagus and a small little shelf like at the base of it and they prescribed me some Omeprazole to help treat it. A little while back, I was prescribed that same drug to treat this and it gave me all the side effects, so I was pretty leery of it, but this dosage was only 20 mg and the previous was 40, so I was a little more confident that this time around I wouldn't feel all of those same side effects. Luckily that was the case this time, as they haven't bothered me and have been pretty effective in keeping my acid reflux down. Hopefully this is all I'll need and won't need any surgery or anything further, but I'll find out the full diagnosis in the next few days. Other than that, I don't have much else to add. Life is great, I've enjoyed every minute I've had w/ Maggie and we've had some really good times. We have created our own blog, as well, so you can follow us there as we (attempt) to chronicle our new life, the married life :) Catch ya later, folks!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Just a few things on my mind lately. One: Is it August yet?? I mean seriously. I'm more than ready to be out on my own, but I won't be alone. Marriage sounds awesome right now! Two: This whole ridiculous debate over a rec center in Coalville is, well, ridiculous. A lot of us in the area complain about how there's nothing to do, yet when something like a rec center is proposed, people start to bicker and complain about it beause it costs money. Newsflash! Everything costs money!!!!!!!! What, do you think this would be free?? And it's a small price, no less. Like $300 a year or $550 if you buy a season pass (which you don't have to buy). Let's do the math. 300 divided by 12 = 25. So that's $25 PER MONTH, which equates to about a dollar PER DAY. You're telling me you can't afford to pay a dollar per day?? And if you buy the season pass, it wouldn't even be $2 per day. I mean I know we're in an economic down turn, but COME ON!!! If you say you can't afford $25-30 a month, you're too cheap! And one more thing regarding the amount of gyms we have in the area...we don't have enough! Three gyms to fill the needs of a high school, middle school and town events/activities is simply not enough. Plain and simple. This will be a great addition to our community, so why NOT support it??? I don't even have a full-time job all year round and I'm fully supporting it, fully knowing it's a tax hike! Let's think about our future, many years from now, and not your selfish needs now. PLEASE.
 Third and lastly, I get to see my brother and his family today! We are headed to St. George after work at noon and will head down to see them! I'm excited to see my baby nephew Landon, he's so cute!!! It's gonna be an awesome day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cince de Mayo

 Did I spell that right? Any of you spanish speakers out there can correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!! I just wanted to post a little update on the month since I wrote last. The wedding process is coming along, we'll have our engagements finished by Sunday night, then we just have to wait for them to be processed and what not and then printed on to the invitations, which will be a lengthy process, but we'll get through it. Speaking of lengthy process, this whole engagement thing can't go fast enough. I mean it could be a lot worse, but seriously August, just get here soon! We found a place to rent in the quiet, beautiful town of Henefer, close to Coalville. It will be a perfect starter place for us and while we don't plan to live in the apartment for too terribly long, it's a cute little place for us and is in a quiet neighborhood just a few blocks off of main street. Three bedrooms, so a little room for us to grow (when the time comes) and for any of our friends/family to stay over. We love having company, so any time after August feel free to come visit us!

 I am a lucky guy to have found such a great girl to spend the rest of my forever with! We went to the NickelCade in Riverdale last night and had an absolute blast! She loves playing the games where she can win the most tickets, while I just like to play the ones from my childhood, like Golden Tee and Turtles In Time. They don't give out tickets, but they're classics! Ha but yeah she won about 98% of our nearly 600 tickets and she was pretty excited about it. What a goof, but I love her! We plan on making this a once a week occurence and hope to continue it throughout the summer at least. It's cheap fun, but we have a blast :)

 Not too much else to add, just that things are going really well right now and I have no reason to complain. There are far worse things in life than having a little acid reflux or working multiple jobs to complain about. Life is great! Enjoy it! And remember, none of us make it out alive!!! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Happy Easter, everyone!!! I hope all three of you reading this have an amazing day! Ha maybe more than that read it, but still. I hope you guys have a great day, enjoy the annual Easter candy, but also try to remember the true meaning of the holiday and try to keep Christ in your life, whether you're religious or not :)
 K so I haven't been on here for a while, kinda been busy w/ a few things, so I'll tell them now. First off...I got engaged! I won't go into full detail (you can look at my Facebook page for that), but I also don't wanna be that annoying person who just throws this kind of news in everyone's face. I am just so happy and thankful to have found such a great girl, a girl who takes me for me and accepts me as I am, a girl who I can totally be myself around, and a girl w/ such great values and whom I genuinely enjoy being around. She also puts up w/ me, too, which is a big bonus :) The big day isn't 'til August 10th, but we are very excited!
 -I have this annoying acid reflux that doesn't seem to go away, so I've been getting checked out lately and hopefully that's all that it is and nothing more serious. I'll keep you posted.
 -Duck Dynasty is my new favorite tv show. If you haven't heard of it, you need to check it out! It's on A&E, it's about this family that developed this duck call and are now millionaire's as a result. I know it doesn't sound way appealing, but the family is hilarious!
 -I became a true Aggie on Friday night. I know, I'm not even enrolled in school, but it was kind of a fun thing to do and now I can cross it off my bucket list (wink wink).
 -I am glad that this is an election year, because then all the political talk/coverage will be over, or at least will be lessened. Don't get me wrong, voting for the right political leader is an important thing, but good grief. All of this coverage on the news is a bit much for my taste.
 -To sum up, it's been an awesome past month and I am excited for what the rest of this month will bring!
                                                    HAPPY EASTER!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ides of March

 Whatever that means. I just know it's a book and now a movie. It has "March" in it, so I'm going w/ it...

 The trip down to see my bro and his kids was a quick one, but it was well worth it :) My cute girlfriend, Maggie, made the trip w/ us and got to meet my bro and his family and it was fun to see them interact. She fits right in w/ them, it was fun to see :) I'm excited that my bro finally got a little boy! It will help balance the ratio of girls to boys, plus he'll carry on the Porter family name. I can't wait to make the trip again later this month and visit w/ them all, see how the baby has changed, too. I wish he lived closer, but what can ya do. At least we have the opportunity to travel down and visit, I can't complain.

 A week after we got home, I decided to attend Maggie's bro's wedding, which took place in wonderful Las Vegas. I use "wonderful" very loosely...Anyway, I went down to St. George the day before, that way I wouldn't be driving seven or more hours in one day. I got up the next morning, picked Maggie and her family up from the airport, then made our way to the hotel, in a roundabout way. It took a few U-turns, but we made it. The hotel was, well, different. There were paintings all over and the majority of them were either of topless women or naked women, not to mention how dark it was in there. Such a...different place to be at, that's for sure. It's not somewhere I'd pick to stay at or ever go to again, but hey, it wasn't my wedding. The rooms were pretty decent, just the lobby and everything else was so dark and kinda creepy. We got through it, though. It was a very different experience for Maggie, her parents, Grandma and I, but yeah we made it. A few of us went on the strip later that night and call me boring, but it just doesn't intrigue me all that much. That was my only time being out on the strip and I was only at the New York New York hotel, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't ever go back. It's just a totally different atmosphere down there, definitely not a place you'd take your family to anymore, which is sad. It was all an eye-opening experience, though, and I'm glad I went. There are worse things in the world than staying in Vegas, so I won't complain.

 I don't have too much else to add, just that the annual Henefer Tourney is next week and I'm pretty excited about it! I need to hit the gym pretty much every day, build up some kind of endurance for it and then the Lyman Alumni Tourney at the end of the month. March Madness is upon us, ladies and gents! Exciting stuff!!! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twenty Five

 So today marks the day of my birth, February 15th, 1987, which officially makes me the ripe old age of 25. Wow, 25. It's pretty crazy to think about. Seems like just a few years ago I was turning 10 and now I'm 25. Nuts. Big things are going to happen this year, I can just feel it. Maybe a promotion w/ my job, or possibly moving somewhere? I'm not sure, I have no idea, but I'm just excited to be here and to have all the things that I have. I wouldn't have my life any other way :)
 Wow anyway......a lot has happened since my last post. I have been to three Jazz games, two concerts and have began dating this one girl :) She's pretty great, but I'll spare that for another post. The Jazz games were pretty awesome, as always, and both concerts were great as well. Monday night, however, was the Mat Kearney concert and it was FREAKING AWESOME! He is such a stud, just so calm, cool and collected up on stage, he interacted w/ the fans really well, he even let one guy come up on stage and play a song w/ them. I mean how cool is that?! It was such a fun concert, I'd totally go see him again and I would highly recommend any of you reading to check out his music, if nothing else.

 I also received quite a surprise last Thursday, the 9th, as my little nephew arrived early!!! He wasn't due 'til March 9th, but he was ready to come and he is so dang cute! I get to go see him and my nieces this weekend and I'm so excited! I'm glad my bro finally got a boy after four girls, and he's pretty excited about it, too.        Here's little Landon...

 Anyway, it's been an awesome year so far and I'm looking forward to what else 2012 has in store!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sure, Why Not

 First blog of the year? Sure, why not. It's not like I have anything more to do right now anyway, as I'm just here at home. I initially wrote this while at work, but I've revised a bit and yeah, am now at home. PS it's Friday the 13th. Crazy! Anywho.....

 I feel like this is going to be a really good year. I want to be much more active than in years past, go to more sporting events, participate in more of them, enter in a few golf tournaments (see how I fair), play more golf in general, work on being more outgoing, eat healthier, things of that nature. I am also getting a new nephew in a few months, which is just plain awesome! He will be the fifth child for my bro and the first boy, which is pretty exciting and I know he's stoked about it :) I can't wait 'til he gets here! As for my current nephew, well, he's just a total stud and the coolest/cutest kid ever! I'll try to post a video of him, the little bugger is gonna be one heck of an athlete, I can already tell. He already knows how to punt the ball and he's got a rifle for an arm, as well as a pretty good shot w/ the basketball, and he's not even 2 yet. Not to toot my own horn, I just think he's the coolest little guy :)

 A few other things here.....Christmas was a lot of fun this year, I got to see all of my family (my bro and his kids we got to talk to on FaceTime), and I got to see most of my other family members as well. We visited my Great Uncle Harvey the week before Christmas and he's such a cool guy. He turned 100 last year and is still pretty w/ it all, even though his hearing is all but gone. And he tells it like it is, too. No sugar coating things w/ him, that's for sure. What a character :)

 My New Year's wasn't all too exciting--I kinda spaced asking anyone what their plans were 'til the day of, so needless to say, I didn't have a whole lot to do. My buddy and I just got some McFlurry's and then cruised up and down main street in Park City a few times, then went back to watch the festivities on tv. I know you're jealous, it's ok :) Oh and no New Year's kiss, either. Dang! Ha I've only had one of those before, so I'm really not missing out. It just gives you an excuse to kiss a cute girl, assuming you're hanging out w/ any girls. Ha ha. I've had a great year so far, though, and even got to golf on January 4th in SLC. Crazy right?? That's the earliest I've ever been able to golf, especially around here. Not having much snow doesn't bother me any.

 Oh I forgot about the concert I went to, Trans-Siberian Orchestra! If you haven't heard of these guys, they play Christmas music, but rock 'n roll style, w/ electric guitars, drums, keyboards, the whole bit and they are awesome!!! Here's a little snippit of them in action...