The Mrs. and I

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ides of March

 Whatever that means. I just know it's a book and now a movie. It has "March" in it, so I'm going w/ it...

 The trip down to see my bro and his kids was a quick one, but it was well worth it :) My cute girlfriend, Maggie, made the trip w/ us and got to meet my bro and his family and it was fun to see them interact. She fits right in w/ them, it was fun to see :) I'm excited that my bro finally got a little boy! It will help balance the ratio of girls to boys, plus he'll carry on the Porter family name. I can't wait to make the trip again later this month and visit w/ them all, see how the baby has changed, too. I wish he lived closer, but what can ya do. At least we have the opportunity to travel down and visit, I can't complain.

 A week after we got home, I decided to attend Maggie's bro's wedding, which took place in wonderful Las Vegas. I use "wonderful" very loosely...Anyway, I went down to St. George the day before, that way I wouldn't be driving seven or more hours in one day. I got up the next morning, picked Maggie and her family up from the airport, then made our way to the hotel, in a roundabout way. It took a few U-turns, but we made it. The hotel was, well, different. There were paintings all over and the majority of them were either of topless women or naked women, not to mention how dark it was in there. Such a...different place to be at, that's for sure. It's not somewhere I'd pick to stay at or ever go to again, but hey, it wasn't my wedding. The rooms were pretty decent, just the lobby and everything else was so dark and kinda creepy. We got through it, though. It was a very different experience for Maggie, her parents, Grandma and I, but yeah we made it. A few of us went on the strip later that night and call me boring, but it just doesn't intrigue me all that much. That was my only time being out on the strip and I was only at the New York New York hotel, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't ever go back. It's just a totally different atmosphere down there, definitely not a place you'd take your family to anymore, which is sad. It was all an eye-opening experience, though, and I'm glad I went. There are worse things in the world than staying in Vegas, so I won't complain.

 I don't have too much else to add, just that the annual Henefer Tourney is next week and I'm pretty excited about it! I need to hit the gym pretty much every day, build up some kind of endurance for it and then the Lyman Alumni Tourney at the end of the month. March Madness is upon us, ladies and gents! Exciting stuff!!! :)