The Mrs. and I

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Just a few things on my mind lately. One: Is it August yet?? I mean seriously. I'm more than ready to be out on my own, but I won't be alone. Marriage sounds awesome right now! Two: This whole ridiculous debate over a rec center in Coalville is, well, ridiculous. A lot of us in the area complain about how there's nothing to do, yet when something like a rec center is proposed, people start to bicker and complain about it beause it costs money. Newsflash! Everything costs money!!!!!!!! What, do you think this would be free?? And it's a small price, no less. Like $300 a year or $550 if you buy a season pass (which you don't have to buy). Let's do the math. 300 divided by 12 = 25. So that's $25 PER MONTH, which equates to about a dollar PER DAY. You're telling me you can't afford to pay a dollar per day?? And if you buy the season pass, it wouldn't even be $2 per day. I mean I know we're in an economic down turn, but COME ON!!! If you say you can't afford $25-30 a month, you're too cheap! And one more thing regarding the amount of gyms we have in the area...we don't have enough! Three gyms to fill the needs of a high school, middle school and town events/activities is simply not enough. Plain and simple. This will be a great addition to our community, so why NOT support it??? I don't even have a full-time job all year round and I'm fully supporting it, fully knowing it's a tax hike! Let's think about our future, many years from now, and not your selfish needs now. PLEASE.
 Third and lastly, I get to see my brother and his family today! We are headed to St. George after work at noon and will head down to see them! I'm excited to see my baby nephew Landon, he's so cute!!! It's gonna be an awesome day!

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  1. Yeah that area totally needs a rec center its about time yall get one. Its not like its gonna be a huge flashy project. And lucky boy august will be here soon, have so much fun in st. george!