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Friday, October 12, 2012

Case Lot Sale

 Yes, case lot sale. Maggie and I were showered w/ various items from this sale by her parents this evening and I do believe we're set on soups, tomato sauce, ramen noodles, all kinds of meats and pastas for quite a while now. We knew we'd be seeing her parents, but all this food was a complete surprise. They truly do a lot for us and we greatly appreciate them!! They are headed on one of their many cruises in the morning (lucky ducks), but we hope they have fun! I'm sure they will. Anyway, it's been a little while since I wrote last, but I'll catch you up on what's transpired in the last few weeks.....

 My job at Mosquito Abatement ended on September 14th, but thanks to a good friend, I was able to start working at The Jeremy Ranch Golf Course on that following Monday, a job I had had once before, but a job nonetheless. Actually my previous experience helped me get the job and it's been a good month or so that I've been there. Some days get a little monotonous, but that can be said for many jobs. My favorite part of it is probably picking the driving range, because I get to be in this Kubota and listen to music for a few hours and not have to wash carts or put people's bags on them. But yeah it hasn't been a bad job and it'll end in a few weeks, so I can't complain there. I am also working at The Colony gatehouse, I've picked up more shifts, most of which are night shifts (tonight) and require several back to back to back shifts coming and going to the golf course, but you do what you have to sometimes. And it's not like either job is physically demanding, it just takes up a lot of my time, time I wish I could be spending w/ Maggie. She has been a trooper through it, though, and I appreciate her for that. She does not like to be alone, but thankfully she's got some family close by that she can go see and spend time w/ while I'm stuck at work. She and I get to go on a vacation out to Cali at the first of November and we can't even wait!! Her bro and his fam live out there, so it'll be a nice, relaxing and much needed vacation :)

 Some random thoughts I've got going right now...
-Is the Presidential election over yet??? Good grief if it's not, I'm ready for it to be.
-Joe Biden needs to go away. Just go away, Joe. No one likes you or your antics.
-I used to think Rihanna was the hottest girl ever, but now I've realized that she is just plain trash.         T R A S H.
-That Phillip Phillips can really sing. Bad name, but great voice.
-Speaking of voice, "The Voice" is kinda cool. Cee-Lo is a bit off, but the show is still cool.
-Gordman's is probably the best store ever. They have all kinds of stuff to pick from (and get lost looking at), plus the price is way cheap! Good job, city of Riverdale. Kudos to you.
-I have the two cutest nephews ever and one of them is quite the little athlete already. All opinion obviously, but you should see them :)
-The Spill Canvas just moved into my top 10 of favorite bands. I hope they come to SLC soon.
-We will be attending The Killers concert in Orem at the end of November and it's gonna be sweet!
-The Braves, Orioles, and Nationals have all let me down. I now turn to you, Giants. Don't let me down, too!
-Once Upon A Time on ABC is mine and Maggie's new addiction. It's SUCH a good show! And no, it's not girly.
-I want to live to be 100. I have a great uncle who is 101 and I think he is just the neatest guy ever. And how cool would that be to say you're 100?!

Until next time.....stay classy, San Diego.

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