The Mrs. and I

Sunday, November 11, 2012


 First off I'd just like to thank my Heavenly Father for looking out for me and always being there for me, watching over and protecting not only me, but my family. The past two nights here at work it's snowed really hard, so the drives home have been pretty sketchy at best, but I'm very very thankful for him watching out for me, putting snow plows out for me to follow when I couldn't see two in front of me, and just allowing me to travel home safely. My sweet wife, Maggie, stayed the night with me here at work last night and I'm glad that she did. It was a fun little night, we brought our big love sac thing and she sprawled out on it all night while we watched some episodes of The Office before she nodded off to sleep. I couldn't help but watch her sleep and just think how lucky I am to have her in my life. She's truly a great girl. On our way home this morning, she was there to give me an extra set of eyes to watch on the roads as we drove home, beyond exhausted, but we made it. She is such an amazing woman to have as my wife, she puts up with a lot and deals with nights being by herself when I've had to work at night and I'm just very thankful for her. I don't know where I'd be without her :)

 Ok ok enough with the mushy stuff.....

 Our elections were last week and I think most of us weren't/aren't too thrilled with the outcome, I thought for sure Mitt had the edge, but Obama won the major states and most times that's all you have to do to win, you get all those electoral votes and the popular votes don't matter. While I'm not a big Obama supporter, I hope he can improve on his previous term and give us a better one for these next four years. And if not, at least he can't be elected again!

 The NBA season has begun in the last few weeks as well and Maggie and I have taken advantage of it, as we've been able to go to two of the three home games for the Jazz. They blew the Mavericks out on Halloween night, then kinda beat up on the Lakers this past week, which was an awesome win. Any time you can beat the Lakers it's a great night. We couldn't believe how many Lakers fans there were though, holy cow! If you looked away for a second and didn't see who scored, you couldn't tell which team it was, because the Lakers fans were nearly as loud as the Jazz fans. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, we saw some fans getting into it in the section over from us, some Jazz fans were just trash talking w/ some Laker fans, who couldn't take it and were threatening to go outside to fight. A few from each side got tossed out of the game, but it didn't end there. I heard on the radio the next day that these Laker fans saw those same Jazz fans on the corner, sprayed them with pepper spray and took off and they're still looking for the suspects. We're pretty sure it was these same fans, one of them was a girl, in fact, but man how childish is that to want to fight people over a sporting event? I can't understand it, I mean I love sports as much as anyone, but I would never cause a fight because my team was losing or lost. It's just foolish. Hopefully they'll catch those dummies that sprayed them.

 Now that my least favorite holiday is over (Halloween), I can look forward to the wonderful holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I absolutely love them both, Thanksgiving mainly for the stuffing and my Grandma's homemade rolls. I would be content if those were the only things we ate. There's just something about stuffing that drives me wild, I absolutely love it and would eat it at nearly every meal if I could. Just ask my wife ;) Ha but seriously I love these holidays and I'm looking forward to them. It will be different this year, simply because I have two families to spend them with now. This time last year, I never would've thought I'd be married and sharing holidays with my extended family. It's so crazy, but I'm so grateful for it! I hope I can give some good gifts to my close family members and to my Great Uncle Harvey. He is just the neatest guy, I want to get him a Yankees jersey so that he can sport it around the assisted living center. I also want him to sign one of my baseballs, just for a keepsake. I think he is such a stud :)

 Last week, Maggie and I had the opportunity to go out to the Sacramento area to visit her bro, Jason, and his family. We flew to Reno, then drove the two hours over to Rancho Cordova. Flights to Sacramento or San Francisco were like $300 per person one way, so there was no chance of us doing that, so we went this route and it was perfectly fine. We had a blast out there, I was able to golf with Jason and even though we got stuck behind a few slow groups, we had a really good time. Next time I'll bring my own clubs, though :) Ha but yeah we really enjoyed our time there, visiting with Blanca and her girls, Carmen and Sophia. They are such sweet girls and are a lot of fun to be around. Hopefully we can go out there and see them again soon :)

 In a few weeks from now, we'll also have the opportunity to go down to AZ to see my bro and his kids for a little post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. We last went down in March for baby Landon's baby blessing, so it's been a while since we've had the chance to go down, but we're glad that they were able to come up for our wedding and we were able to spend time with them. I really wish they lived closer, mainly so we could help out with the kids, because I can only imagine having five kids, four of which are girls, has got to be pretty hard times and I know that my bro and his wife can use a break sometimes. Maybe they'll move up this way one day, who knows. I won't bet on it, but yeah you never know. I'm just glad that they're only 900 miles away and not on the other side of the country. But yeah we can't wait to go see them :)

 Let's see, oh also in a few weeks we get to go to see The Killers in concert! It's one of Maggie's favorite bands, personally I think it's just because she thinks Brandon Flowers is hot, but they have great music regardless and we're excited to go down to Orem and witness them live. I'm hoping that Lifehouse and The Spill Canvas will be coming soon, too, so if any of you reading this know any info on that, please let me know :)

 Anyway, I think I got you caught up for now, so I'll end it there and will hopefully write back soon!