The Mrs. and I

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Is For Lovers

 Or for those who dislike the opposite sex, currently, as Valentine's Day is just days away now. Either way, February is filled with hearts-y stuff. Maybe that's why I'm such a loving guy? (My b-day is this month). Ha ha oh I kid, I kid. my wife and I thought we'd be proud parents this month, proud parents of a new puppy, not a child. Although we'd love to have a baby, that'd be AWFULLY quick for us. But yeah, we thought we'd get a puppy over the weekend, a Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky mix, it's the cutest thing, but we talked it over and realized that it's not time for us to have a puppy right now. For one, our rent would go up for having one, 2) we really don't have a yard for one, and 3) we would have to buy all the supplies for it and money isn't exactly a luxury for us right now, so yeah the puppy will have to wait. It really is a cute puppy, though, and I hope that that's the breed we get when we do get a dog. I think they'd be so cool and mellow, too. For the time being, though, we will remain empty-nesters.

 Next month, my family is planning a big vacation to.....Disneyland! It started out as my wife's sister-in-law and her family going, they invited us, then we invited my parents and, well, my Dad doesn't like to do go on trips alone, so he invited both my brother and sister's families, so it's going to be quite the trip. It will be way worth it, though. I'm not a huge fan of Disneyland like Maggie is, but it'll be a blast to see my nieces and nephews react to everything, except my little nephews, who haven't been yet. Karson will be 3 and Landon turns 1 this Saturday, so yeah it'll be fun to see them react to everything Disneyland has to offer. Karson absolutely loves Mickey Mouse, so I think he'll have a permanent smile the whole time he's there (hopefully). The weather won't be hot and we're going from a Monday thru Thursday, so we don't think it'll be very crowded, either. Perfect! Also along our trip, Maggie and I and her sister and brother-in-law will be attending the one and only Price Is Right!!! Maggie looked it up and they're filming while we're there, plus tickets are free, so why not?? I have loved that show ever since I was a little kid, watching it with my Grandma, and I still watch it whenever I get a chance to now. Too bad Bob Barker isn't the host anymore, that would be the ultimate to see him, but Drew Carey will do. Drew is a stud, too. Anyway, here's to hoping one of us gets on the show!!!

 Let's see, what else is going on...
-Oh, American Idol has been good so far (the two times I've watched it), but Nicki Minaj seriously bugs. Hardcore. Why do they think she'd be a good judge of singers? She's a rapper! And an annoying one, at that. I'm pretty sure Mariah Carey is bugged of her, too. Who wouldn't be?
-I'm loving how the snow is melting, at least it is in Summit County. SLC and Ogden got slammed with it, but yeah it's almost gone around our house. I wouldn't be sad at all if it doesn't snow again for this season. Sure we need the moisture, but rain is perfectly fine by me. That means an earlier golf season :)
-Beyonce performing at the Super Bowl was better than The Who or these old bands, plus she's not bad to look at, but I feel like she did more dancing than singing. Oh well, at least she didn't lip sync this time.
-The Super Bowl was pretty exciting to watch. If only the 49ers hadn't started out so poorly, they could've maybe pulled it out! Dang. It was a great game, though, and now we don't have to hear any more of Ray Lewis' lengthy rants about...whatever he talks about.
-Barter Kings is one of my new favorite shows to watch on TV. These two guys simply trade things up to get what they want. No money is exchanged, so they make a straight profit on the thing they ultimately trade up for. It's crazy what things they trade for, but man it's entertaining. I would like to do that some time, just trade somebody something for an item that's worth a little more money than your item and then sell that new item for a good profit. I'll work on it.
-Fall Out Boy should come out with more music
-I'm not a big fan of this new trend with women wearing these high boots with seemingly EVERY outfit. The pants tucked into them, the boots looking like they just came from an equestrian class, the kind with the dangly...things hanging from them, or the military-looking boots that some women wear. It might be a trend, but I am not a fan of it. 
-Lastly, these ##### freakin' things I see all over the place drives me crazy!!!! I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in the last blog, but I really am tired of it.