The Mrs. and I

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Holy Heat!

 Where did all this extreme heat come from? 106 degrees in SLC on Friday? That's absurd! I don't like it. If we can't complain about the cold in the winter, we might as well complain about too much heat in the summer, right? It's only fitting. I'm hoping for cooler temperatures soon but July and August are almost always warmer than June, so I'll just have to buck up and get through it. Anyway...Things have been great these past few months since I wrote (typed) last. I started at mosquito abatement, picked up a job on Saturdays and some Mondays at a golf course and my allergies are here. Fantastic! I love nothing more than going through a box of Kleenex every day at work. My nose loves it, too, judging by the constant sores on it. I think next year will call for an allergy shot, or at least better allergy pills. Walking through all of the grasses every day, plus the wind kicking up is not conducive to allergies, that's for sure. Oh well, at least I have a job. Speaking of jobs, I currently have four of them. Yep, four. I don't work at them every day, though, thank goodness. I think I may collapse if that were the case. Even still, four jobs is far too many or my liking. I work 40 hours a week at mosquito abatement, then another 7-8 at the golf course on Saturdays, I put in a few hours more helping my Dad with his properties, and then tonight, I'm filling in at the gatehouse. I guess I shouldn't complain, because four jobs is better than none at all, but there comes a point where you have to evaluate if they're worth having, and I'm at that point now. Being away from your wife this much is not fun, for either of us. None of my jobs are too strenuous, they're just time-consuming. I guess that goes without saying, I mean that's what jobs are, but still. I'm going to do my best to hold out until the first part of August before I stop working at the golf course. I mean Saturdays are my only day to do things with Maggie and to go out to do things with her, but my shift goes from 1 PM until dark, so that shoots down any chance we have to go out. Sundays are relaxing days, but we don't go out to do anything (other than church), so yeah, I think I'll part ways with the Jeremy Golf and Country Club by mid-August at the latest. The extra cash is nice, but it's not worth being gone away so much.
 We were able to go out to Huntington Beach for Father's Day to visit Maggie's Grandpa and we had a blast! It was a much-needed time to get away and was sure nice to relax a bit and not worry about work stuff. We spent some good time with her Grandpa, who is a very nice and generous man. He absolutely loves Maggie and is appreciative whenever we can come visit, as are we. We hit Disneyland on Monday for a few hours, got on 6-7 rides, got our little boy some Mickey ears with his name stitched onto the back, and we watched the fireworks. It was a lot of fun! And no, I will not reveal what name we had stitched on there. Wait until he's born, then everyone else will find out. Tough noogies! :) Ha. But yeah we really enjoyed our trip out there, the weather was in the 60's, it was perfect. Hopefully we can have the chance to go back soon! Oh yeah, the flight out of the John Wayne airport was not good, not good at all. They have a noise ordinance there, so the pilots can't gradually take off or land, so the takeoffs climb very quickly and the landings are very fast and abrupt. I nearly lost my lunch on the takeoff. I was SO sick to my stomach, it was rough and a feeling I am not too fond of. I think everyone else on the plane was just fine, but I can't handle stuff like that. Heck, I get dizzy on a swing, so you can imagine how I was feeling. Ha. Maggie was so good to me, though, she took care of me really well, as did the flight attendants. I got a bag of ice to put on my tummy to help settle it, a Sprite and a cute girl sitting next to me to hold my hand for the whole flight. I could not wait to land in SLC, that's for darn sure.

 Let's see, lastly, I'll give you all an update on the baby. We found out the day before Maggie's birthday, so on May 31'st, what the gender was, then had a reveal/birthday party on Saturday at the NickelCade in Riverdale. We all had a blast, we had a lady make a cake for us with the color of the baby's gender for the filling, then had Kelly (Maggie's Mom) cut into the cake. She was so nervous, it was so funny! But, well, here, you can see for yourself how it went :)
Fun, right? Maggie and I are both VERY excited for our little guy to come along and can't wait until he gets here! She has already gotten him some cute clothes, we got his room rearranged the other night, now we just need a crib, to decorate the room and for him to come and we'll be set! November, we await your arrival! :)