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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cruisin' For A...Cruise

Well hello friends, it's been a little while. We have been pretty busy, so it's been hard to find the time to blog, plus I don't have the convenience (or inconvenience) of being up all night at work to write, so anyway, here we are.

 Maggie and I had the amazing opportunity to go on a cruise last week in the Caribbean and it was, well, pretty f-ing awesome. Pardon my french. It was seriously sweet, though. I had never been on a cruise, so I wasn't totally sure of what to expect, but it was more than I could've imagined and I would go on another one in a heartbeat. I wouldn't go longer than a 7 day cruise, though. That was plenty long for me, because by Thursday, I was kinda ready to be home. I mean after four or five days on the ship, you've pretty well seen and done everything, other than visiting the different ports and seeing the nightly shows, but you catch my drift. Don't get me wrong, everything about the cruise was awesome, the food, the ice cream, the water slide, the pizza, the food, but getting back home sounded better as the weekend was approaching. There were 19 of us in our party, a lot of Maggie's cousins and their spouses, so we had several people to go hang out with, which was pretty cool. There was never a dull moment, other than maybe sleeping. Ha there were some good moments, like...

 One of the last nights, we were all sitting near the ice cream machine and the pizza line by the pool, just shooting the breeze and snagging some ice cream, which became our nightly ritual. Well, Maggie's Dad Bruce, was in the pizza line for a few minutes, then came over to us with this astonished look on his face and a story to go with it. He said he saw this lady eat about six slices of pizza while he was standing in line, then she had two whole pizzas brought to her table, as if she was worried they would run out and she wouldn't get to have any more. That's funny because that place was open all night and constantly made pizzas. Anyway, we all became intrigued with Bruce's story, so we watched this lady from afar (and some of us not so far) devour slice after slice of pizza. It was so bizarre that we all had to take a look for ourselves, one by one, to see if we could see why she was eating so much. One of the cousins noticed that she was in/out of sleeping and when she'd wake up, she'd grab for the pizza and just start eating. I noticed she was zonked out a few times, but then I'd look over a few minutes later and she'd be eating. Ultimately some of the staff came over to help her and some family members showed up to help her to her room. We came to the conclusion that she was either drunk or high, we weren't sure, but it had to be one of the two for her to be that paranoid about the pizza and to consume that much. Ha ha it was really bizarre but kinda comical.

 I was thinking about some of the benefits of a cruise, aside from the ones already mentioned, but a few of the biggest ones are how it takes you away from reality, and that includes an extremely reduced use of cell phones, computers, etc. There was no service, plus your bill would've went through the roof, but it made us forget about technology and allowed us to interact with each other without any distractions. It was quite pleasant, I must say. I wasn't worried about who just made their move in Words With Friends or who sent me a life in Candy Crush or that it was my turn in SongPop. Have I played those games since we've been home? That's not important :) What's important is that we had a full week away from them and it was glorious! Hopefully now I'll be more aware of how much I play them and spend more time with Maggie and our little boy when he comes.

Speaking of little boy, Maggie and I are BEYOND excited for him to come! We may not be saying that once he gets here, because our lives will completely change, but we just can't wait to meet him. From the pictures from the ultrasound, he looks like he's got his Mom's nose :) We hope he'll be a cute little boy with lots of hair so that Maggie can style it in a little mohawk :) Ha no matter what he looks like or how much hair he does (or doesn't) have, we'll love him no matter what. November will be here before we know it, but we're excited and are actually excited for winter for a change :)

Here are some pics of us on the cruise. Sorry I don't have more pictures, but I'll try to scrounge some up.

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