The Mrs. and I

Friday, August 8, 2014


1. Becoming a Dad is my greatest achievement so far, aside from getting married

2. I want to have the means to be a philanthropist one day. Nothing makes me happier than doing something for someone else or providing something for someone else. Doing it anonymously would be even better. I don't need the notoriety for it.

3. I bet I was 13 years old before I learned how to blow a bubble with gum

4. I still don't know how to whistle

5. I played the drums for a few weeks one summer

6. My singing voice is horrible

7. Hashtags drive me insane

8. I would play basketball or golf every day if I could

9. Plato's Closet is a rip-off and a half

10. The Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and many other ancient structures absolutely fascinate me. How did they construct them!?

11. I get super nervous in social settings

12. I wish I weren't losing my hair

13. I try my best to keep in touch with my friends or people from my past, but sometimes you just can't be friends with everybody.

14. I don't understand the concept of cold/iced coffee

15. I wish airplanes gave you more leg room, especially on those long flights

16. I know I can play golf well, but I lack confidence when I get out on the course sometimes and my golf game suffers, as a result.

17. When I was a kid, I was convinced that North was always straight ahead. So wherever you were going, that was north.

18. I also used to think that the compass feature in your car, like in the rear view mirror, was actually telling you which way the wind was blowing, not which direction you were heading.

19. I would love to live to be 100

20. I hope to get all of these ideas that I have out before someone else thinks of them and makes millions.

21. Jimmy Fallon is mine and Maggie's favorite and we hope to go see his show one day. Maggie's birthday cake this year was of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake doing their "hashtag" sketch. (Yes I don't like hashtags but it was for Maggie, who loves hashtags). :)

22. I can't wait until our house is finished!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moving Right Along

It's been so long since I last posted a blog that I couldn't remember how to get to it. Jeez Louise. A LOT has transpired since October. We had our little boy, Camden Jordan Porter, I started a new job at the spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, I got accepted into Utah State to begin my studies in the fall, we are in the process of building a townhouse in Nibley and in the mean time, we will be moving in with my parents at the end of the month to help save money to move up to Logan with in August. Phew. See, I told you a lot has happened. 

Our experience at the hospital with the birth of our son wasn't the most desirable, I mean my experience was fine, but I wasn't the one giving birth. We went in to McKay Dee Hospital on Wednesday night, November 10th. We had one last meal out together, just the two of us, the night before at Red Lobster. It was a pretty surreal feeling to think that in just a few days, we would be going from just being pregnant to being parents. It has been a wonderful experience, I just wish that the hospital experience would have been better. Our doctor never showed up until about 20 minutes after Camden was born, so the nurse was the one who delivered him. Multiple things could've gone wrong, but thankfully he was healthy and hasn't had any complications whatsoever. Maggie on the other hand, has had several. She lost a lot of blood during the labor process, to which the doctors seemed to ignore it and sent us on our way just two days after the baby was born (standard procedure). Later Saturday evening, she had an anxiety attack and soon wasn't able to breathe, so we had to rush her to the hospital, where we had just been for three days. She needed two units of blood, so that shows you how much she lost and it shows you how negligent the doctors at the hospital. Never again will we go to that hospital. The Circle of Life Women's Center is a total joke, in and of itself. Thankfully Maggie has recovered and our baby is healthy. Here are some pictures of the little stinker…

Just before Christmas, I was able to get a job at the Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge. Sounds fancy huh? It is a five star resort, a five star spa too, but the actual job leaves a lot to be desired. I mean if wearing a shirt and tie every day, being clean-shaven, speaking properly at all times to guests, answering phones, booking reservations, being around skin care products all day every day, sound like fun to you, then you'd enjoy the job. But for me, it's simply just a job, one that I've been grateful to have because it's been steady for us, but it is most definitely not a job for me nor a career move. This coming Thursday marks my last day there and I can't even wait to be done there. I have met some good people, made some friends, but yeah I couldn't go one day beyond Thursday. Being cooped up inside in a shirt and tie is not my style. Mosquito Abatement, here I come!

I will be more diligent about blogging more, but I just wanted to catch those few of you up on what we've been up to these past four months. We have been busy, I think we will be even more busy now that we have a baby and I'm preparing to go back to school, but I will blog at least once a month. So don't worry, my three followers. You will be more updated than you have been :)

P.S. The Jazz really suck right now.