The Mrs. and I

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out WIth The Old, In With The New

   It seems like we were just turning the page from 2013 to 2014, yet here we are in 2015 already. Time seems to fly by as you get older and I hate that it does. Fifteen years have passed since we moved from Lyman, WY, my beloved hometown that I never wanted to leave. Fifteen years have passed since I started making new friends in Coalville and I'm forever grateful that we did make the move from Lyman. I am also grateful that it was/is only an hour away so that I could still maintain a relationship with them. Some of my very best friends to this day are from Lyman. A lot of their families have since moved away, but some are still there and I look forward to seeing them when we get out there a few times a year. Both areas, Lyman and Coalville, have been really good to me and my family and I'm thankful for the friends/family that I still have there.

   We are a little further away from my home now, as we made the move to Logan this summer, but we are still close enough that we can visit fairly frequently. The move hasn't been all that tough on me, even though I only know a few people up here, outside of Maggie's family, of course. I have moved several times in my adult life and have been fortunate enough to acclimate and make friends fairly quickly. Our ward is awesome, we feel very welcome each time we attend church and everyone is just so nice, it's great.

   Anyway, here's a quick review on our year...

   My job at The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge ended at the end of March and I remember that I could not wait for it to end. It wasn't a terrible job, I just hated having to dress up every day AND having to be clean-shaven. I HATe jobs that require that. Why can't you have facial hair as long as it's well kept and groomed nicely? It seems pretty discriminatory if you ask me, but hey. I was outta there and never looked back. The job was a blessing for us, looking back. It gave us a steady income for the winter until mosquito abatement started up again, but man those three months of working there seemed to last forever. Answering all of those phone calls, making reservations, giving tours, checking people out after their services were done, dealing with people who never seemed to be happy no matter what you did, just all of those things were enough for me. Customer service jobs aren't my favorite. This one was short-lived, however.

   We moved in with my parents at the first of April in an effort to save money to prepare for building our house in Logan (Nibley). We lived with them from April until about the 24th of July, so nearly four months, and it was a learning experience for all of us. It was nothing against my parents at all, it's just hard to be in a smallish house with your parents for that long, you just don't have a lot of privacy, but overall, it was a good learning experience and we were able to save a lot of money from not having to pay rent or utilities. I stayed working at mosquito abatement to ensure that our loan would go through. I was making enough money to get us qualified for the loan, so I couldn't quit working there, even though I was commuting over an hour and a half nearly every day for over a month. It got tough as the days went by, just a lot of driving, but sometimes you do what you have to do to make things work.

   We lived with Maggie's parents from the end of July until about September, when our loan FINALLY went through by about September 8th. Hallelujah, we thought. Again, nothing against Maggie's parents, it was just hard not having any privacy. The building company allowed us to move in early so that we could get our stuff in, though, so that was a nice thing and we were grateful for it. Once the loan went through, we breathed a huge sigh of relief. After about six months of doing all the house stuff, the planning, the building of it, the moving in, it was all over. Now we were on our own, in our new place, and we were SO excited.
   We have been in our house for nearly four months now and it has been really nice, really nice. It feels like a home and we are very grateful to be in it. Three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a two-car garage, pretty good storage space, it's been great and we look forward to more years in it.

   Halloween came, we couldn't really decide what we wanted to dress up as ( I hate dressing up), but we finally came up with the idea of Camden being Mickey Mouse, Maggie would be Minnie Mouse, and I would be Walt Disney. Mine was simple, I just needed a classy suit, shave my beard to a mustache, and attempt to part the little amount of hair I have left. Easy peasy. We had hoped that Camden would be walking by then, but he didn't quite figure it out yet. That's ok, he would soon learn. We had a great Halloween and Camden had himself a little treat on the drive home. I set his treat bucket in his lap in the car seat and thought nothing more of it, since we just had a short drive home. Well, I go to get him out and he had bitten the wrapper off of a Kit Kat and was chowing down, chocolate all over his hands and face. Ha ha little stinker. We couldn't help but laugh :)

   One week after Halloween was Camden's 1st birthday. How could he be one already?? I tell you, time moves way too fast. We had his party on the 8th (of November) and it was a big success. A lot of our family and friends came out to it, in fact some of them had to sit on the stairs going upstairs because there wasn't room anywhere else. It was a great turn out and we had a lot of fun. Cam chowed down on his birthday cake, getting it ALL OVER THE PLACE, but it was so fun to watch him :) We now have a one year old and it's crazy to think about.

   Around Thanksgiving time, he finally figured out the walking thing, getting around better and opting to walk more than crawl, so now we had a mobile one year old. He goes a hundred miles wherever he goes and two hundred miles an hour when he's after something. He scales the stairs at our house like it's nothing, he's figured out how to go down them backwards (on his belly), and he gets mad if he can't go up the stairs. He loves to read books and he loves when you tell him what sounds the different animals make. And if you don't pay attention to him and make the sounds, he lets you know with a loud yell, like "hey! pay attention!" He is a little stinker sometimes, he is getting into everything, but he is such a good boy and we are so thankful to be his parents :)

   Oh did I mention our trip to Hawaii? We went in April and we absolutely loved it! Hopefully we can go back again soon. Here are some pictures/videos from 2013.