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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Only Been a Year...

   Hello blogging world! It's sad to say that this is my first post all year and it's December 18th.....whoops. I've had good intentions all year about posting but I just haven't done it. Life happens, you get busy, have late nights, early mornings, plus I write in my journal most days/nights, so this kinda takes a backseat to all of that. We're here now, though, so I'll try to make a better habit of blogging.

   A lot has happened in a year, as you can imagine. We feel a lot more settled in our home now, we've added two neighbors right next to us, which isn't ideal, but what can you expect when you live in a townhouse. The young couple next to us are SO loud, it's ridiculous. We've never heard people slam their doors more than these guys. And supposedly you shouldn't hear your neighbors with the design of these houses, but oh we can certainly hear them. They finally got rid of their truck that they consistently parked out front, which they weren't supposed to be doing, so that's nice that we don't have that nuisance to deal with. They're nice enough people, just... a little noisy. Overall, though, we really do love this area. Our ward got changed about two months ago, so basically aside from these townhouses, we gained brand new people, so it's been a little hard getting to know everyone after we felt like we were getting to know everyone in our previous ward. But that ward was growing like crazy so it only made sense to split it and rearrange the boundaries for all of Nibley in the process. We get to go to a lot newer church, though, so that's a nice bonus. The one we went to is like 40 years old or more and just a bit outdated, so yeah this change has been nice all the way around.

   Let's see, what else...... oh yeah! So when I last wrote, I was miserably cleaning houses for a living, but not long after my last post, I was able to get a job interview with Logan City in the water department. I felt like I interviewed well and was very hopeful, but when the call came that I didn't get it, I was crushed. I was so ready to be done cleaning houses. I was sick of all the complaints, not knowing your schedule until the week of, coming home to wash all of the rags every night, I was just sick of it all. I kept working, though, we kept paying our tithing and were just hopeful that something would come about. Maybe three weeks after that, I got a surprise phone call and I don't think I answered it; I didn't recognize the number. They left a voicemail, I checked it and it was Paul from Logan City saying the job had reopened and they wanted to offer it to me if I was still interested. Uhhh yes please!!!!!I called back, got all the details figured out and told them that I would start a few weeks from then. I felt like I should give the cleaning company a week or two to try and find someone to replace me. So the week of my birthday, February 15th, was my last week of cleaning and I was so elated. It was an exciting but a tough week as well. My Grandpa Warner was in poor health. His lung cancer was taking it's toll and he was slowly losing his strength. I saw him on my birthday, that Sunday, and that was the last time I saw him in good health and, well, alive. He was in great spirits and was so excited for me getting this new job. That made me feel good and that he was proud of me. Sadly, he passed away just six days after that, on February 21st. We were set to go down to Coalville that day anyway and I thought we'd be ok to see him later in the day, that he'd still be with us. Just as we were getting ready to leave, some time in the afternoon, my phone rang and it was my Mom. Immediately I knew it wasn't going to be good news and it wasn't. We both broke down over the phone, it was really sad to lose a loved one, it always is. He was the only Grandpa I ever knew on this earth, and while we weren't super close, I always looked up to him and respected him. He was on his hospital bed that they had had for him and I just kept looking at him, expecting him to start breathing and we could talk to him, but that wasn't the case. I did have the neat opportunity to help carry him out to the hearse, as I was the only other man there besides the funeral guy, so that was a cool opportunity to help carry him out to the car. Something I'll never forget. One of the good things that come out of funerals is that it provides you a chance to reunite with family members that you may not have seen for a while, so that was a good thing in that respect, and I was able to speak about my Grandpa in the services as sort of the spokesperson for my immediate family. It was a very hard few days but we know we'll see our Grandpa again.

  Anyway, the job at Logan City has been great! I felt really overwhelmed in the beginning because I felt like I needed to know everything right away, so I put a lot of pressure on myself. My co-worker/trainer, Jared Brinkerhoff, had a lot of knowledge of the water meters, how to fix them, their sizes, how to install them, how to check for leaks, things like that, and I was just blown away at the things that he knew. I thought I'd never get to the point he was at, but over time and with him moving away for another opportunity a few months after I started, it put me in the lead position of the meter readers and I had to learn pretty quickly. But I feel like I've got a good handle on things now, I understand a lot of what's going on, my bosses trust me and rely on me, so that helps and I enjoy doing what I do. Plus the benefits that we get, insurance paid for, free access to the rec center, library and golf course, they've got a ton of perks and it's really awesome. I'm very thankful for it, it's been great for us :)

   To wrap up, our little boy, Camden, turned 2 on November 7th and he is one funny, smart, independent, good-natured little boy and we just love him so much! He gives us a run for our money sometimes, but oh man we would never trade him for anything. It's amazing that you can love someone so much and you wonder what you ever did before you had kids. He's a great boy and we are sure grateful to be his parents :) There is MUCH more to tell, Maggie's new job, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Disneyland, just all sorts of fun things. So until next time, I'll wrap it up there and will write soon!

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