The Mrs. and I

Friday, May 6, 2016


   First off, hello again everyone. We can't keep meeting like this. Ha teasing, I haven't been keeping up on this very well, so we need to meet up more. Anyway, I'd just like to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all that I have been blessed with and for all that I'm able to have. So about three weeks ago, I took a test to get certified as a water operator, they encouraged me to take the highest level, a grade 4, that way I could get it all done in one shot and not have to worry about it. Sounds good in theory but a lot harder to do in actuality. Originally I wasn't set to take it yet, I had been ready to take it since November, but I first learned that I wouldn't get to take it for almost a whole year, which obviously a ways away and a long time to try to get prepared for it. Thankfully, my boss pushed hard enough to get me a chance to take it this spring, so I studied all I could, was able to study at work and there was a really good program on the computer that really helped me. I was nervous leading up to the test, mainly because I didn't know what to expect, because there were over 1,000 questions that they pool from, so you never really know what's going to be on there. I went into it hopeful that I could do well enough to pass. There were 100 questions and you needed a 70% to pass, so 70 correct answers, and I didn't care whether I got a 97 or a 70, as long as I passed. The guys at work had been talking this week about hearing that the results should be mailed to us some time this week, so I got a little anxious, then the anxiety really set in yesterday when one of the guys said he got a 63 and the average out of the 26 total people who took it was a 67, which is obviously not passing. Crap. I was just pulling that I was on the other end of that average, anywhere above a 70. I came home, got the mail, saw the package from the State of Utah, felt that it was pretty bulky and I thought, "Surely they wouldn't send me something this thick if I didn't pass, would they?" I soon found out, as I opened it and could seem part of my name scrawled on the certificate and sure enough, I PASSED!!! I received a 73, so not way great but it's what I needed and that's all I care about. I was so pumped, Camden and I kept saying in the car, "Yes! Yes!" And pumping our fists. Ha ha it was a cool moment. Kind of a nerdy story, but I feel like I worked hard to study for that and I'm so grateful that it paid off. Oh and another tidbit, I don't have to take that test again as long as I keep up on my CEU's. Sweet!
   Ok on to less nerdy has been good, staying busy and enjoying it. Maggie has been busy with proctoring tests in the computer lab at the elementary she works at. She loves her job and I'm really glad she does. She enjoys being around the kids and I think she's a great example to them. Only one month left for her and then she's free.....for the summer anyway. That is definitely a perk of being a teacher :) Camden is growing like a weed, he's 2 1/2 now and is a little Paul parrot. He repeats about everything you say and is beginning to form sentences, which is fun to hear. It's really nice that he can tell you what he wants and we don't have to play the guessing game anymore. He is also off the binky! We went to St. George last weekend (more on that in a bit), my parents watched him and they were able to get him off the binky, something that he loved and wouldn't go to bed or take a nap without it. I thought it would be rough to get him off of it, but they said it was fairly simple and he's hardly even asked for his binky since. We sure love our boy!!!

   I'll try to put pictures on here, some of you may have already seen them on FB, but we made the jaunt to St. George last weekend for the primary purpose of seeing The Beach Boys, one of Maggie's all time favorite bands. It was out at Tuacahn, somewhere neither of us had been before, but it's a sweet setting and we will definitely go back again. Just hopefully next time it will be better weather and not rain on us the whole time. The only time it didn't rain was at the very beginning and for maybe the last 20 minutes of the concert. We were all drenched, but there was no way we were going to leave. I mean once you're wet, you're wet, and we drove all that way so of course we were going to stick it out. They put on a great show, sang a ton of songs in two hours and kept us all entertained. The weather wasn't the greatest all weekend and of course the weather was the best on the day we had to go home, but at least it wasn't cold there. We got some good time away, got to see some old friends and just had a great time. Hopefully we can go back again soon! And I will try to write again here soon, more than twice a year at least. Anyway, off to bed now.....

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