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Friday, June 3, 2016

Halfway Through Already

   Hey all, I just have some things to jot down that would make too long of an FB status, so here ya go. It's mostly sports related, so if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can check out now. Don't worry, I won't be offended.

   June is already here and I can't even believe it. Wasn't it just February?? Time seems to fly by faster as you get older. Speaking of flying by, it's now been 10 years since I graduated from Snow College. Ten. Years. Sheesh. I absolutely loved my time there. I made some great friends, had awesome roommates, most of which I still keep in touch with, and I learned a little bit of school stuff. I think I had more sports classes than actual curriculum classes, but my thoughts are if they offer the classes, why not take them? Plus it helped balance what few hard classes I had. Bottom line, though, Snow was awesome and I'm so glad I went and am even more thankful for the friends I was able to make. You guys are awesome!

Some sports stuff now...

--I hope Steph Curry and Klay Thompson took their entire team out for dinner tonight, because they all showed up for the game, unlike Curry and Thompson. They were both atrocious. They both made a few 3's late in the game when it didn't matter, but the rest of the game was pretty bad for them. And they were lucky to have other guys step up and bail them out, really. Livingston scored 20 points? When does that ever happen? Has anyone else noticed how he cocks his head back in a weird way EVERY TIME HE SHOOTS IT? No? Just me? Ok. Watch him next time they play, though. It's bizarre. Back to Curry. I cannot stress enough how much it ticks me off that he sits there and admires every 3 he shoots, never once even thinking about trying to follow it in just in case he might miss. He's lazy with the ball at times, both with dribbling and passing. He thinks he can get away with it but he got exposed in a lot of different ways last night, in my opinion. He almost has this "don't care" attitude, too. I mean I know he cares but just the way he presents himself is like he couldn't care less to be out there or to be in the Finals. It ticks me off. I like that he plays loose but my gosh, show a little bit more to me. I don't necessarily think he's a good role model for kids, in terms of his basketball playing, he relies on his outside shot WAY too much. He can get away with it most times, but I just don't see the intrigue of jacking it up from over 30 feet away. He is pretty accurate but like I say, I don't want my kid learning that and thinking he can just jack it up from anywhere and not bother to follow any of his shots in. I may be in the minority here, but that's just my opinion. Oh and would someone PLEASE block his shot? Is that possible? Or knock him into the front row when he's on the sideline just dribbling the ball without going anywhere. Be physical with him, make him think twice about his next shot or drive to the basket. Now I'm not saying to hurt him, just send him a message. Hopefully the Cavs will be more physical next game and their bench will show up. We shall see.

---I think the Jazz need to trade down in the draft, look to go somewhere in the 18-25 range, give someone their 12th pick in exchange for a lower pick and a proven veteran or two. I would love to see them try to get a guy like Lauvergne from the Nuggets, he's about 6'11 who can shoot fairly well but plays good D and would be a nice piece coming in behind Rudy or Favors. Plus he's French, so there's that connection with Rudy. With moving down, I would love to see them pick Brice Johnson from UNC, not just because he's a Tar Heel, but look at how much he's improved each year he was in college. He has a great mid-range game, he's 6'10 or taller, can jump out of the gym and is a tremendous shot blocker. Could you imagine pairing him with Rudy?? They could both control the paint and protect the rim with the best of them. I don't know the Jazz's direction but man that would be awesome! They also need better wing play behind Hayward. Once he goes out, there's a huge drop off. Ingles is a nice guy but he is nowhere near productive enough or athletic enough to provide what the Jazz need behind Hayward. Somewhere they need to snag a wing either in a trade or free agency, in my opinion. I don't see them keeping more than one guy through the draft, because they're already nearly the youngest team in the league, so adding multiple rookies would not only make them younger, but it would make them less experienced as well. I see them either trading away their second round picks or else drafting guys that they can stash overseas or in the D-League and let them develop over a few years before bringing them in right away. Who knows what they'll do but I'm excited for it! I love the draft and free agency, it's fun times for me.

   Camden has been doing great at day care lately. He used to be so nervous to go and would cry most days, but now he likes going and playing with the kids and that's a HUGE relief for us. We are very thankful for Denise for taking him in, working with him and the other kids and teaching them new things every day. He comes home every day with a different song he's learned, like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", those are his new favorites and he can keep a pretty good rhythm to them, even if he doesn't know all the words :) He is a sweet boy and we sure do love him!

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