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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Three Years

   Oh hello there. It's been a while. Over four months, to be exact. Long overdue. This post will be primarily about the reference in the title (imagine that). If you know me or Maggie, you'll know that the reference is to our little boy, Camden. Three years ago, tomorrow, he was sent to us and our lives have been forever changed. No more just her and I, traveling whenever we want, going to a movie, sporting event or concert without thinking, it takes a lot more planning now but it is totally worth it. For those of you with kids, you know what I mean. And for those of you with friends who have kids, which should pretty much take care of all of you, you've witnessed this first hand, I'm sure. Sometimes we aren't able to find someone to watch our kids and have to reschedule or take a rain check, but we promise it isn't because we don't want to go. Life just happens and you do what you can. Anyway, tangent there. Back to focus. So right about this time three years ago, Maggie and I were getting the rest of our stuff packed and ready to head to the hospital in Ogden for the preparation and arrival of our baby boy. We knew he was a boy, kinda knew what he might look like with the 3D ultrasound pictures, but it's obviously nothing in comparison to what he really looks like in person. We were at the hospital for a little over 12 hours before he decided to make his arrival, it was kind of a long night of anticipation and nervousness, just not totally knowing what to expect, then compound the anxiety when our freaking doctor decided not to show up, but thanks to the nurses who stepped up and were able to deliver our baby Camden safely. He made quite the entrance but it's pretty fitting to how his personality is now, just full of life and ready to play at all times. Sometimes as parents it's hard to see the changes in your child from day to day, but boy when you look back from when they were tiny to now an almost three year old, you can DEFINITELY see the changes. From sleeping 20 hours a day to running all over and some days seeming like they're awake for 20 hours a day, it's quite a change but again, it's so worth it and so much fun. Camden is such a sweet boy, very smart, a little shy but he's like his Dad: give him a bit and he'll warm up to you. He knows all of his shapes, circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, trapezoid, hexagon, octagon, he knows his colors, his numbers, is starting to figure out how a clock works a little more, he absolutely loves his Pluto stuffed animal, it goes everywhere that we let him take it, his vocabulary is expanding more and more, sometimes we can't help but laugh at the things he says, even when he's being naughty. He is infatuated with Toy Story lately, Woody is his favorite and he just got the doll from his Nana and Papa yesterday and he adores it :) He is such a sweet boy, full of life and adventure, very inquisitive, asking questions all the time, he sees a mountain and believes it's a volcano, which is another one of his very favorite subjects (for Halloween, he was an astronaut and was convinced that he was going into outer space with Bill Nye). We joke that he'll grow up to either be a scientist, astronaut, electrician or someone who makes clocks, because those are things he talks about the most. He is such a good boy and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL to have him in our lives and to be his parents. My biggest goal in life was to be a father and I am so thankful and proud to be the father of Camden Porter, AKA Cam, Bubby, Bud, Buddy, Doodle, Mister, the Cam Man and Punkin.

   Things are going great otherwise, can't really complain. No one listens to you when you complain anyway, right? So not a lot to say here. We had a great celebration of Cam's birthday yesterday, we had a great turn out of friends and family, it was so great to have that many people come and support him on his (almost) birthday. I think he was overwhelmed with everything, combined with him getting to have a sleep over with two of his favorite people the night before, Jordan and Whitley (cousins), he was a pooped pup and was zonked on the couch by 6:30! He pretty well slept all night, too, so with all that and the time change, he slept for a good....14 hours or so. Ha it was well earned, though :) But yeah life has been great to us, work is going great for Maggie and I, just staying busy and plugging along. We have been to a few concerts since I last wrote, the most recent was the Goo Goo Dolls concert, which was awesome and SafetySuit opened for them and they were amazing, as usual. I have listened and enjoyed the Goo Goo Dolls since the mid-90's, so to finally be able to see them live was just awesome. They put on a great show and I'm glad we were all able to go! There are several pictures from it and from Camden's party on FB, so I won't add them on here. But anyway yeah, I can't think of anything else, just that life is great and we're happy living here in Cache Valley!

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