The Mrs. and I

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Good Riddance

   As you all have heard by now, Gordon Hayward has decided to leave the Utah Jazz. That is well within his right to do. He was a free agent and he felt like Boston was his best option. Fine. I beg to disagree. Aside from Brad Stevens as your former coach, what else does Boston have to offer that is more intriguing than what the Jazz have? Isaiah Thomas? A ball dominant point guard who doesn't pass the ball well and needs the ball in his hands to score? That is intriguing to you? You're never going to see the ball as much as you've had here and what you WOULD have with Ricky Rubio. Yeah, you'll make several All Star teams, mainly because there aren't a lot of strong small forwards in the east now, but you aren't getting a championship in Boston, at least not any time soon. As long as LeBron James is in the eastern conference, you are not getting past him to get to the Finals. You may go deeper in the playoffs, but you aren't getting to the Finals. And let's not forget this aspect, Boston has no defensive threat on their team and they do not rebound the ball well. How is that an intriguing factor if you're wanting to get to the Finals? Yes, the summer is young and they could potentially trade or sign a guy, but that guy won't be Rudy Gobert. While Rudy is limited offensively, you cannot deny that he is a game changer on defense. If your man gets by you, you know Rudy has your back and can at least alter a shot inside. Who does Boston have? The 30 year old Al Horford who doesn't block shots? Or Kelly Olynyk, who has a vertical leap of 6"? Or is it Amir Johnson, oh wait, he left. Other than Brad Stevens, Boston does not present anything, to me, that is a better basketball situation than what we have here in the Utah Jazz. You turned your back on this organization and everything they have done for you over your career. You entered as a virtual no name, questioned whether you could even play in this league, to now an All Star. And you choose to leave?  Not only did you leave, but you handled it SO poorly, I can't even begin to explain it. If you knew you had no plans of staying here, why go through the process? Why drag it out, why send all of the Jazz brass, have guys fly in from all parts of the world to talk with you, when you knew you weren't going to stay. And on top of that, by delaying your decision, the Jazz have missed out on any chance to make any run at a free agent because they're already signed elsewhere. AND you left the Jazz high and dry. At least with Paul George and Chris Paul, they told their team they didn't want to be there, so then their current team could at least get some value for them. Indiana didn't get a lot for Paul George, but it was SOMETHING. You left the Jazz high and dry. But peace out, Gordon. If you don't want to be here, then we don't want you. Expect to get booed louder than any previous Jazz player when you come to play here next season. I cannot wait for that game! I don't wish you good luck in Boston. You will not get past Cleveland so long as Lebron James is there. You will never be loved or have the legacy in Boston like you did have and would've had here in Utah. You could've had your jersey retired, had a street named after you, a statue out in front of the building, had anything you wanted in this state, yet you left. So much for loyalty, huh Hayward? Rant over. GO JAZZ!!!!!